The College Football Playoff is Here…And It’s a Good Thing

Sep 23, 2014 No Comments

The college football season is in full swing now.  There have been big upsets, big letdowns and everything in between.  The preseason Top 25 looks silly now that we have seen real games play out on the field.  Teams like Texas A&M have out-played their expectations while teams like South Carolina, USC and Virginia Tech […]

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Monday Morning Humor

Sep 22, 2014 No Comments

Country Hip Hop Dancing…this is so bad I don’t even know what to say.

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Thirsty Thursday: Why Drinking “Boh” is Better

Sep 18, 2014 No Comments

  One of the things I appreciate about beer is there’s a time a place for every type of sud.  It’s what differentiates beer from other adult libations. With wine once you’ve tasted exceptionalism it’s nearly impossible to consume a glass of jug juice like Carlos Rossi or Two Buck Chuck.  The same holds true […]

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Butter Chicken Dip with Naan Chips

Sep 17, 2014 3 Comments

Whether it’s salsa, guac, or beans, no Gameday is complete without the satisfying repetitiveness of a good dip washed down by a cold beer.  However every once in a while your taste buds deserve a change of pace, a dip that makes you feel happy even if your football or fantasy team is enduring an […]

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Monday Morning Humor

Sep 15, 2014 2 Comments

“Weird things all couples fight about”… been there, said that.

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Thirsty Thursday: 2012 Ridge “Paso Robles” Zinfandel

Sep 11, 2014 No Comments

As I’ve often indicated over the years, I’m an equal opportunity imbiber of great wines.  American, French, Chilean, Australian, Portuguese, or Greek…if the wine’s palatable it’ll find a happy place in my glass.  There are however, a few varietals and styles that I’m continuously drawn towards and specifically for our purposes today I’m speaking about […]

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Chorizo Jalapeno Corn Dog Muffins with Manchego Cheese

Sep 10, 2014 1 Comment

The 2014 football season is underway and to satisfy your gluttonous habits this year the Glutton Kitchens will be providing you with weekly game day recipes, starting with a redo of an old creation “Corn Dog Muffins.” Originally based on transforming the traditional deep fried fair food into muffin form, this recreation focuses on redefining […]

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