The McNabb Contract Extension

Nov 17, 2010 2 Comments

We now know that the Redskins weren’t quite as foolish as we were lead to believe on Monday night when initial reports placed Donovan McNabb’s contract extension at 5 years and $78 million dollars, $40 million of which was guaranteed. The truth is the extension is riddled with options, bonuses and other incentives that make it nearly inconceivable that he will collect the contract’s full value.

Truthfully, the details of this contract don’t really concern me either way.  It’s just another non-guaranteed contract that provides the promise of a large monetary sum without an organization’s obligation to pay a player everything. 

However, I do take exception to the fact that McNabb was giving an extension and so should every Redskins fan.

There is no doubt that McNabb is an NFL commodity.  But seriously, what type of NFL commodity is he? 

Over his twelve year career, Donovan has compiled a solid career passer rating of 85.8 and has lead his teams to five NFC Championship games and one Super Bowl appearance.

On paper a fairly impressive resume for a starting quarterback in the NFL.

But let’s be honest here.  McNabb is not going to take the Redskins or any other team to the Super Bowl and hoist the Lombardi trophy.  He can steady the ship, win his team games, but he is missing that intangible which enables great quarterbacks to endure and overcome adversity and emerge victorious.

In big playoff games, when it counts the most, Donovan has consistently been unable to guide his team to victory.  Poor performances or key mistakes by McNabb cost the Eagles their chances at the Lombardi trophy.

Eagles coach Andy Reid was all too aware of this and the minute he had accumulated enough talent to replace McNabb at quarterback, Donovan’s biggest supporter kicked him to the curb.

In the sad continuation of the Daniel Snyder era’s model of bringing in high profile players, the Redskins were all too willing to lend McNabb a hand and save the quarterback from the frigid prospect of playing in purgatory….I mean Buffalo. 

The McNabb extension tells us two things about the Redskins’ front office and coaching staff.  Either they actually do believe McNabb will assist in returning the glory and pride to Washington DC or this is a public relations stunt to calm a storm that was created when Donovan was benched in Detroit.

Whatever the case may be, it is all nonsense.  If Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan really believe that McNabb will help with reconstructing the Redskins and returning the team to the promise land, then they are fools and Snyder should fire them right now.  Why on earth waste time with a quarterback that will not lead you to ultimate victory, when you could use that time to groom your quarterback of the future?

This is especially relevant giving the recent success of rookie quarterbacks in the league.  Don’t forget the Redskins traded their second round pick to the Eagles for McNabb.  They could have Colt McCoy or Jimmy Clausen on their roster now for a lot less money.

If this is a PR stunt, then it displays ignorance from the Redskins organization of the emotional rollercoaster and trauma that the fans have been enduring throughout the Daniel Snyder era. Failed quarterbacks, failed coaching staffs, failed big named free agent signings. 

Even the return of the Redskins’ living God, Joe Gibbs, turned out of be just another annual walk down the road of misery and disappoint that is a football season for Redskins fans. 

The Redskins are more than just a football team, having some of the most loyal and eternally optimistic pre-season fans in the NFL.  For over five months out of every year the Redskins are the heartbeat of the Washington DC area.  The overall mood and disposition of the public actually fluctuates with the Redskins’ performance on the Sundays.

Redskins’ fans and the entire Washington DC area deserve better.  Yes, they deserve a winner, but moreover they deserve an organization that is dedicated to changing a decade long policy of failure.

McNabb’s extension is just another insult to the already tormented hearts of Redskins fans.

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