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Mike Lupica on LeBron James

Jan 31, 2011 Comments Off on Mike Lupica on LeBron James

Ok this rant is not about Lebron James, but rather about the media. It’s ESPN and Mike Lupica this time, and the perpetuation of their iconic figure who is King James. During his parting shot yesterday on the Sports Reporters, Lupica chose to pump up Lebron’s “greatness” by stating that the Cleveland Cavaliers pathetic record this season […]

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Build up to March Madness: “40 Minutes of Hell”

Jan 29, 2011 5 Comments

In part three of our weekly profile leading up to the start of tournament, remembers Nolan Richardson’s 1993-94 Arkansas Razorbacks team. The Team Pressure, pressure, and more pressure. That was coach Nolan Ricardson’s coaching philosophy. It was never more evident than with his 1993-1994 Arkansas Razorbacks team. The Razorbacks intentions were simple, apply intense […]

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BBQ Acorn Squash

Jan 28, 2011 2 Comments

I used to dislike acorn squash and still wouldn’t make it one of my first selections from the produce department.  There’s nothing particularly enticing about acorn squash, especially for a man.  I mean really what is one to do with a miniature greenish pumpkin? Out of desperation to create something out of nothing I thought up this recipe for BBQing acorn […]

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Cutler’s sprained MCL

Jan 26, 2011 Comments Off on Cutler’s sprained MCL

The great Jay Cutler debate seemingly has no end in sight.  For further consideration about when Cutler actually sprained his MCL and the quarterback’s toughnesses take a look at this video (special thanks to Alyssa at Mad Sports Gal): Reaction?  Comments?

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Carson Palmer: This isn’t what I signed up for

Jan 25, 2011 4 Comments

Obviously Carson Palmer has realized that he’s headed towards the end of his career and that the Bengals probably won’t be competing for a championship anytime soon (especially in a division with the Steelers and Ravens).  Fed up with the incompetency and being the “franchise” quarterback in the least successful franchise in the NFL, Palmer […]

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NFC Championship Recap

Jan 24, 2011 2 Comments

Packers vs. Bears (21-14) Down 14-0 with less than two minutes left and the Packers offense driving into Bears territory, the moment arrived when good fortune shined on Chicago.  A freakish deflection off of Donald Driver’s foot from an Aaron Rodgers pass landed Lance Briggs perhaps the easiest interception of his career.  Fortuitously the Bears […]

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AFC Championship Preview: Jets vs. Steelers

Jan 22, 2011 2 Comments

Jets vs. Steelers (-3.5) 38.5 o/u   In Sunday’s late game, the AFC Championship pits the road warrior New York Jets (11-5) against the home favorite Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4). The Jets pulled off a great upset last week against the Patriots proving once again that the Belichick/Brady combination remains beatable (maybe New England should consider […]

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