Final Observations and Images from the 2012 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro Am

Feb 15, 2012 16 Comments

It was a long great week covering the 2012 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro Am on the Monterey Peninsula.  The sights and sounds of the three courses along with entertaining celebrities and captivating performances by the professionals made the tournament a “best buy” as for as experiences go.

Here are a few final thoughts from the tournament (both serious and amusing) as well as some of my favorite images from the practice rounds.  If you missed an of last week’s images click here for the celebrities and click here for the Best of Monday’s practice round.

  • David Feherty: CBS course correspondent and Golf Channel television host David Feherty has become a constant during golf tournaments with his quirkiness and Irish accent.  However, after observing Feherty on Sunday I came to the conclusion that there might have been no other person at Pebble Beach who was more annoyed with who he was.  On each hole spectators were either heckling or joking with Feherty offering up impersonations and less than compelling questions.  Feherty’s body language and facial expressions were that of a defeated man who was continually being tortured by his own identity.
  • Cigars: One thing I enjoy about the Pebble Beach Pro Am is the cigar loving atmosphere of the tournament.  Whether it’s celebrities like George Lopez and Andy Garcia, random amateurs, or spectators, any which way you look someone is smoking a stogie.  It’s the thing to do and it’s not uncommon to find men attempting to barter a few beers for someone’s extra cigar(s).
  • Critiquing Professional Golfer’s Sense of Style: Memo to the woman standing next to me who commented to her husband that “these profession golfers have no sense of style and that their sponsors should be embarrassed by promoting such unfashionable clothing that she would never consider buying.” 1) Please realize that companies like Nike and Taylormade aren’t designing clothing with obnoxiously wealth middle-aged women in mind. 2) Before making such a ridiculous statement try looking in the mirror and realizing that your leopard printed bandana and matching scarf clashes with your skin color.  Just because you think you have style doesn’t mean you possess it.
  • Tiger Mania: One aspect of following the Pro Am in person this past week that I found disconcerting was the fixation on Tiger Woods.  Tiger’s reemergence at a tournament which he hadn’t played in since 2002 sparked the attention of fans and the media.  Both were anticipating that Woods would claim his first PGA Tour Victory in over 29 months.  However, I felt that the fixation on Tiger took away from great performances from other players in the field.  The worst of which was the lackadaisical reaction towards Phil Mickelson’s performance through the majority of the final round.
  • Ridiculous shoes: With a tournament at Pebble Beach, which happens to be located next to one of the more posh towns in the State of California, Carmel, I fully understand there will be women dressed to the nine attempting to impress whom ever. But come on ladies get sensible and real.  Don’t wear three inch plus heals to an event which requires you to walk multiple miles and then loudly complain to your man or friends about how much your feet hurt.  Drink more mimosas and whine less.
  • Embarrassment of the Week: This award goes to the wife of Ken Duke, who during the final round on Sunday came one inch away from kicking the amateur partner of Duke’s ball as it lay at rest in the rough.  The ball had been marked with a flag and was being protected by a marshal.  When Duke softly voiced to his wife that she needed to pay attention to where she was walking, the unapologetic petite woman of nearly 5 feet in stature nearly ripped Duke’s head off with her words and piercing stare.  Stay classy Mrs. Duke and in the future perhaps consider heeding the advice of your husband who knows more about golf etiquette than you.

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16 Responses to “Final Observations and Images from the 2012 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro Am”

  1. J-Dub says:

    Who knew Vanilla Ice was on the bag?

  2. sportsattitudes says:

    Your David Feherty observations were interesting. I can see where he might become a caricature of himself by default. Weird.

  3. ChgoJohn says:

    I enjoyed your posts covering the tournament, Jed, and today’s was no exception. I fear that Tiger Mania is here to stay. Granted the throngs may diminish a bit should his play continue to falter but, if his name is up on the leader board, people will hang on his every move. And as you pointed out last Sunday, there was a whole lotta good golf going on and many were oblivious to it.

    • sportsglutton says:

      In many ways I don’t blame people’s fixation on Tiger, as he is the modern equivalent of Nicklaus. However, there is a celebration of averageness going on that is, in my opinion, unhealthy. And while I do believe that Woods will win occasionally over the next 10 years or so, what if he doesn’t and golf’s fixation on Tiger turns into a dependency of a drug that brings down the overall value of the sport?

  4. Jay says:

    Really enjoyed all your posts on the tournament. Seriously nice work and the pictures were great, as well.

    What is up with Duke’s wife – the guy is trying to play a golf tournament for crying out loud. Cut him some slack. I wonder if she’s happy with the $200k+ he picked for a weekend of work?

    • sportsglutton says:

      Many thanks Jay.

      The Duke situation was so bizarre, I mean you’re the wife of a golfer and you would think that 1) you would know golf etiquette and 2) be embarrassed about being clueless.

  5. chappy81 says:

    There’s definitely something about the courses around there that promotes cigar smoking!

    Although I only went on Sunday, I have to agree that there was a little too much Tiger talk when Phil was having an amazing day. That being said, the peninsula has seen Phil win it a couple times much more recently than Tiger, so I’d attribute some of it to that…

  6. Sam's Sports Brief says:

    Great analysis of the entire tournament! Good job!

  7. beerbecue says:

    I just now got to look at all the pics. Great job on the photos. Man, there are some pretty brutal-looking bunkers there.

  8. spicegirlfla says:

    What a great week! I love your round up commentary! I’m such a people watcher too :) I could just picture the woman in the leopard printed bandana!

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