Thirsty Thursday: Grand Teton’s 5 O’clock Shadow Double Black Lager

Feb 16, 2012 20 Comments

Over the course of my nomadic wanderings across America and Germany, I’ve consumed my fair share of black lagers, or Schwarzbiers.  It’s a lager style of that makes one want to “give into their feelings” and join the “Dark Side” of the force.  Schwarzbiers make being bad, feel oh so good.

So when the newest of Grand Teton Brewing Company’s Cellar Reserve Series, the 5 O’clock Shadow Double Black Lager, was recently released there was no stopping this glutton from acquiring a bottle.

As with just about any beer from Grand Teton’s Cellar Reserve, the 5 O’clock Shadow outshines any domestically produced Schwarzbier that I have sampled and even makes this humble glutton question his loyalty to certain Bavarian producers of the style.   The beer is balanced and complex, with a soul nourishing light/smoothness that will leave you wondering why you haven’t joined the Dark Side sooner.

Here is my complete review:

Grand Teton’s 5 O’clock Shadow Double Black Lager (7.6% alc)

Pours dark brown in color with creamy head.  The nose is highlighted by notes of coffee, creamy chocolate malt, and spice.  Frothy cream up front on the palate folds into dark chocolate, spice, and warm caramel, finishing with roasted coffee and acidity. The Shadow is incredibly light for a dark beer, as well as exceedingly smooth.  The best black lager I’ve sampled this year.

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20 Responses to “Thirsty Thursday: Grand Teton’s 5 O’clock Shadow Double Black Lager”

  1. ChgoJohn says:

    Of the black beers, this seems like it’s the one for me. Now to try and find it. Thanks, Jed, for the tip.

  2. hotlyspiced says:

    What a great name for a beer. I wonder if we can buy that here. I might google it and find out.

  3. The Mom Chef ~ Taking on Magazines One Recipe at a Time says:

    I adore the name of this lager. I’m not a dark beer person, but Hubby is so I’ll have to look for it for him, especially if it’s the best you’ve had this year (should I be concerned that the year is less than 2 months old?).

  4. Mary says:

    That is an awesome name for a beer. If my husband wasn’t wheat free right now, I would pick it up for him to try, just for the name alone!

  5. beerbecue says:

    Considering their roots, they best be bringing in strong on the double black lager.

  6. Eva Taylor says:

    Hi Jed,
    My phone battery died when I was posting a comment, so if this is a duplicate and it’s just waiting moderation, kindly delete this one.
    I would really like this beer because the flavours you describe sound a lot like my all time favourite: Guinness. Makes me wish we could get this beer in Toronto.

  7. Karen says:

    My husband loves all the dark beers. I’ll be on the lookout for it in New Hampshire.

  8. Caroline says:

    Thirsty Thursday is my favorite day of the week here!! This beer sounds a little too heavy for me, but I’d be willing to give it a try!

  9. Blog Surface says:

    You know me by now SG, if it’s beer… I’ll drink it. hehe

  10. Tina@flourtrader says:

    My hubby has not gone over to the dark side, I think it was probably the warm Guinness at the Irish Festival that turned him off. Anyhow, I have made not of your comment about it being exceptionally light for a dark colored beer, so I will be on the look out for it.

  11. Thirsty Thursday: Double Black Lager Ice Cream Float | sportsglutton says:

    […] those of you who don’t recall my review of the 5 O’Clock Shadow, the beer offers up the flavors of coffee, creamy chocolate malt, dark chocolate, spice, and warm […]

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