Spicy Pickle Relish

Jul 11, 2012 20 Comments
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Turkey Bratwurst w/ Spicy Pickle Relish

If you’re like me then you consider relish a necessary accessory for enjoying any hot dog as well as many American style sausages (though never a German Wurst…Nein!!).  I mean what would a Chicago Dog be without that infamous “nuclear green relish?”  Nothing, nada, zip.  Relish on a dog is part of the quintessential All-American trifecta: Ketchup, Mustard, and Relish.

And even though I usually keep a jar of store bought relish in the house, sometimes I grow rather tired of the traditional sweet concoction that we Americans know all to well. When this happens I like to mix it up with the following recipe for a lighter, fresher, and spicier homemade relish.

Using Claussen pickles (you know the ones in the refrigerated section of the store) helps to create a fresher light feel and crunch to the relish, while sweetened apple cider vinegar produces an ideal balance of sweet and dill pickle flavors.  Red onion and jalapeno round out the relish to provide some additional flavor/crunch and just the right amount of spice to keep you interested.

Simple to prepare the relish is a great accessory for any dog or sausage prepared at home or while out camping.


The Necessities:

  • 2 cups of dill pickles (Ideally Claussens, finely chopped)
  • 1/4 lrg red onion (finely chopped)
  • 1 jalapeno (seeds removed and finely chopped)
  • 1 1/2 cup cider vinegar
  • 2 tbsp sugar


  • Combine the cider vinegar and sugar into a small pot over medium heat. Stir and reduce to half in size. Remove from heat and set aside.
  • Toss the pickles, red onion, and jalapeno into a bowl, mix em up, and then pour the cider vinegar/sugar mixture into the bowl.
  • Give the ingredients a quick stir and then place in the refrigerator for at least one hour for the flavors to merge.
  • Serve as a supreme accessory to any hot dog or American sausage.

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20 Responses to “Spicy Pickle Relish”

  1. ChgoJohn says:

    This is an idea whose time has come, Jed! Love everything about this, especially the crunch and vinegar. I will be making this very soon. Very soon. And with a little uranium 235 food dye, it will be perfect!

    • Jed Gray says:

      Now where does one get that uranium 235 food dye or do you people in Chicago hoard it for yourselves?

      • ChgoJohn says:

        Well, you didn’t hear it from me …
        Take green food dye and leave it out, overnight, under the bleachers of U of C. Mum’s the word.

  2. Geni says:

    I love the “serve as a supreme accessory to any hot dog”. :) This recipe for relish does sound much better than buying the overly sugared stuff. I bet it’s a little crisper as well which would be nice. Great idea!

  3. Eva says:

    I agree Jed, the store bought condiments have a time and a place, but the home made versions would certainly elevate any lowly Anerican hot dog. Perfect timing for BBQ season.

    • Jed Gray says:

      Lowly American hot dog? :-( But the package said it was “All Natural” and there good.

  4. Courtney says:

    Oooh, that sounds good – why have I never thought about making my own relish before?

  5. The Mom Chef ~ Taking on Magazines One Recipe at a Time says:

    Even though I’m from Chicago, I have to admit I don’t like relish on my hot dogs at all. Part of it is because it’s always too sweet and I’m not a sweet pickle fan, let alone relish. So, this is perfect. I love dill and I’d love the addition of the jalapeno in the mix. Looks like I may just have a Chicago style dog here soon.

  6. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table says:

    This sounds much better than the sweet stuff. I love the heat. Think this would be good on some tofu? 😉

    • Jed Gray says:

      There you go with that tofu stuff again. You test it because I won’t do it. 😉

  7. Hotly Spiced says:

    How great to make your own pickle relish. And your turkey bratwurst roll looks very yummy xx

  8. Mary says:

    This looks awesome, Jed. My sister introduced me to Chicago Style Dogs a few years ago and hot dogs have never been the same for me. LOVE the spicy relish.

  9. Kitchen Belleicious says:

    i love relish. I have to have it when I eat a hotdog or hamburger- always! Your spicy version is speaking volumes to this southern gal! Love it

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