Revisiting The Sandlot: As it Stands Today

Aug 10, 2012 20 Comments

The Sandlot Movie Poster

Inspired by Thalia Bardell’s an article for, 18 months ago I compose a simplistic piece about the filming locations for the movie “The Sandlot.”  Unbeknownst to me, this article would grow to not only be the most popular on, but also become a primary source on the inter-wide web for information on and images of the filming locations for the movie.  My article “The Sandlot As it Stands Today” has been liked over 500 times on Facebook, credited as the informational source on the film’s location in the Deseret News, and linked to by countless websites and blogs.

Humbled by the attention this article received I wanted to revisit the filming locations for The Sandlot one more time prior to my departure from the Salt Lake Valley and offer an expanded glimpse at the filming locations through the lenses of an improved camera.

The following are the details about and the images from revisiting the filming locations for one of the greatest baseball movies ever made.

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The Neighborhood

Smalls and Benny’s houses are located is in a quite neighborhood on the eastside of Salt Lake City at the corner of Bryan Ave and 2000 E (Google Maps).

the sandlot movie locations neighborhood IMG_9176

  • The 1950’s pink exterior of Small’s House has been replaced with grey.

the sandlot movie locations neighborhood IMG_9168

  • “Benny the Jet” Rodriguez’s house and the Wasatch Mountains.

the sandlot movie locations neighborhood IMG_9166

  • A look down Bryan Ave: No milkmen making deliveries or kids running off to play at the Sandlot.

The Sandlot Itself

The Sandlot itself is located in the Glendale area of Salt Lake City, about 6 miles west of the kids’ homes (Google Maps).  Driving past the privately owned field, The Sandlot is unrecognizable as the sacred place where Ham, Squints, Smalls, Yeah Yeah, The Jet and the others played baseball in its purest form.  There is discussion by the Utah Film Commission to remake the baseball field in honor of the film’s 20 anniversary in 2013.

the sandlot movie locations sandlot field IMG_3286

  • The Sandlot as it stands today.

Vincent Drug

12 miles south of The Sandlot in Midvale, is Vincent Drug where the boys purchased new baseballs, etc. (Google Maps)  Sadly, the drug store has closed its doors. The nostalgic signs and disheveled interior are all that remains.

the sandlot movie locations vincent drug midvale utah IMG_9334

  • The exterior of Vincent Drug.

the sandlot movie locations vincent drug midvale utah IMG_9333

  • A view of downtown Midvale, UT.

Lorin Farr Park Pool

Of course when it was too hot to play ball at The Sandlot the young lads preferred to “scam pool honeys” at Lorin Farr Park Pool in Ogden, UT. (Google Maps)  Wendy Peffercorn might not be on lifeguard duty anymore, but the pool is still a popular summer time hang out.

the sandlot movie locations lorin farr pool IMG_3241

  • An aging sign that welcomes visitors to Lorin Farr.

the sandlot movie locations lorin farr pool IMG_3234

  • Where Porter greeted the “Pool Honeys” with a cannonball.

the sandlot movie locations lorin farr pool IMG_3258

  • The “front” side of Lorin Farr where the boys had to collect their belongings.

the sandlot movie locations lorin farr pool IMG_3252

  • Squints’ view through the fence of Wendy Peffercorn.

the sandlot movie locations lorin farr pool IMG_3255

  • The now paved grassy area the boys ran through after getting kicked out.

Rose Park Little League Field

The challenge between the Sandlot kids and the “rich” kids took place at the Rose Park Little League field about 4 miles north of the actual Sandlot. (Google Maps)  The field is still actively used for Little League games.

the sandlot movie locations rose park little league IMG_2837

  • The Rose Park Little League Field.

the sandlot movie locations rose park little league IMG_2838

  • Remember how Porter was “just trying to have a friendly conversation.”

the sandlot movie locations rose park little league IMG_2840

  • Rose Park’s weathered homeplate.

the sandlot movie locations rose park little league IMG_2847

  • The view from the home team’s dugout.

the sandlot movie locations rose park little league IMG_2849

  • Looking back over the field from the “press box.”

the sandlot movie locations rose park little league IMG_2853

Liberty Park Amusement Rides

Only a few of the amusement rides at Liberty Park where the post-game victory celebration and up-chucking of Big Chief chaw were permanent. (Google Maps) The rides available include a small ferris wheel, spinning cars, airplanes, and chairs…that are all intended for smaller children.

the sandlot movie locations liberty park IMG_5866

  • The family friendly rides at Liberty Park.

The Salt Lake Valley

A few times the movie shows images of the Salt Lake Valley where the town and Sandlot are situated.  Here is one of those views looking west:

the sandlot movie locations salt lake valley IMG_5953

  • Downtown Salt Lake City is to the right, as is the Sandlot.  Midvale and Vincent Drug is to the left.  At the bottom right of the Oquirrh Mountain Range is the smelter from the world’s largest copper mine.

The Kids of the Sandlot Today

And finally here is a short video showing the Sandlot Kids Then and Now:

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20 Responses to “Revisiting The Sandlot: As it Stands Today”

  1. The Sandlot: As it stands today | sportsglutton says:

    […] *Because of this post’s popularity, we have published a new article that revisits The Sandlot filming locations and includes new/additional images.  Click here to read: Revisiting the Sandlot: As it Stands Today. […]

  2. ChgoJohn says:

    Great post, Jed. I grinned ear-to-ear from beginning to end. There is so much within that movie to love and your post brought much of it back for me. Presenting the “Then and Now” video/slideshow was a nice touch. I don’t know whether to call it curiosity or just plain nosiness, but I do enjoy seeing how the kids have turned out. Great job!

    • Jed Gray says:

      Glad you enjoyed the revisiting post, as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Cheers!

  3. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table says:

    The Sandlot was one of my favorite movies growing up. How cool to see all of there places (and the stars) now. Great piece, my friend!

  4. Hotly Spiced says:

    I’d better keep this on the down-low but I have never seen or heard of this movie. Did it not get an international release? I do hope they recreate the baseball field for the anniversary of the movie. And congrats on posting such a successful blog post xx

    • Jed Gray says:

      Its a great little movie Charlie and I would assume that you could find it down under or at least on I-tunes.

  5. Lorin Varencove Maaze | Seit über 10.000 Jahren Erfahrung in Versklavung says:

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  6. Lorin Varencove Maazel | Seit über 10.000 Jahren Erfahrung in Versklavung says:

    […] Revisiting The Sandlot: As it Stands Today ( […]

  7. Chuck Patterson says:

    I’m watching The Sandlot for the first time and your comments and photos have greatly enriched my experience. I grew up in nearby Spanish Fork in the Fifties and recognized the Wasatch mountains immediately. I searched IMBD, then googled until I goggled your location shots. Great job!

    I remember riding my bike every summer day with a mitt or two slung on the handle bars, bat across, and a ball in my pocket (barely…you really couldn’t get a ball very far into your or you couldn’t get it out without taking your pants off…no cargo pants then). My Little League coach was a great man and father…Harry Cutshall. He coached his son Ronny and a tribe of kids around the same age who waited for the Sunday afternoon delivery of the “C’s” Newsletter, one sheet, both sides covered with typewritten stats and write-ups of the previous week’s games and practices. Imagine the fun and friendship for four years…

    Thanks again for your time and effort…gotta get back to the movie…Benny’s climbing the fence to get the ball…there’s The Beast…!

  8. Michelle says:

    I grew up in and now still live with my husband and children in the neighborhood where the “kids” lived. When they were filming this movie – all of the neighborhood kids and parents were actually extras in all of the neighborhood scenes. The house in the movie that was pink was not changed at all for the movie. It really was pink “in real life” until only a few years ago.

  9. “You’re killing me, Smalls!”: A salute to The Sandlot | The Baseball Attic says:

    […] For a view of the movie’s filming locations today, click here. […]

  10. Amy A says:

    FYI, the post game victory celebration and Big Chief chaw incident at the “carnival” did not take place at Liberty Park. It was filmed on City of Fun carnival rides that were currently on location in American Fork, Utah (according to City of Fun is a traveling carnival company based in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Anyone familiar with Steel Days, the Ute Stampede and other town celebrations in Utah and the intermountain west will recognize the ticket booth, Yo-Yo and Trabant rides that appear during this scene

  11. TRAVIS says:

    I am going to have to take a trip to see them places! I would love that!!! dang, I wish it wasent so far away!
    I love this movie and it will always be #1

  12. Matt says:

    So cool! I live in the area and I’m going to visit all the places. Just a week or two ago they had the 20th anniversary reunion and recreated the actual Sandlot field. Hopefully it’s still in tact and I can go out to it, as it is owned privately I believe.

    • Henry says:

      I was just at the field was trying to get it but couldn’t cause is a private propery but it was nice to see it from the fence

  13. Marshall Moore says:

    Amy A is correct about the post game celebration> American Fork. Liberty Park was used for the Founders Day celebration scene, right down the middle of the tree lined main walk.

    Other than that this is great ! Thanks for posting this

    Marshall Moore
    Utah Film Commission

  14. Adam says:

    This is nuts. I didn’t know that “The Sandlot” was filmed in Utah, It turns out that my house is only a couple of minutes from the actual sandlot, and that the Rose Park baseball field where my son plays little league were in the movie! So cool.

  15. KCinUT says:

    I threw up on the same ride when I was a kid – in 1986… The Tilt-a-Whirl… its part of the Carnival City travelling carnival still I think.

  16. Joe Louie Cintron says:

    Igrew up in Midvale going to Vincent Drug store. I also played little league in Midvale. Some of my best childhood memories. Thank you
    75 5th. Ave.

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