Our Favorite Sports Articles of 2012

Dec 21, 2012 2 Comments

2012 has been another long yet memorable sports year and the sports-glutton.com team of contributors has covered a wide breadth of the sporting landscape.  We’d like to think that we entertained you with some informative, thought provoking, and at times ridiculous articles.  And going forward we fully intend to improve any pieces or series that were underwhelming to say the least.

So to conclude this week’s look back at the year that was 2012, here are a few of our personal favorites of the sports articles posted.

Of course, please share with us any particular post or two that you personally enjoyed or even any you didn’t.

Tim’s Selections

Washington Nationals Ryan Zimmerman

Photo By: Keith Allison

Every one of our contributors does an outstanding job of putting their own spin on the sports world.  I thoroughly enjoy what Mike brings to the table with his NASCAR posts.  His detailed analysis of each race is obviously an acknowledgement of his dedication to the sport.  William’s weekly “Baseball Buzz” was an informative addition to our site in 2012 and I particularly enjoyed his Spring Training posts, as they were some of the more amusing posts of the year.

As for Jed, he and I have always tried to come up with a creative twist for the site.  We both hate regurgitating the same old stuff that you would come across on the majority of mainstream media websites.  Case in point, NFL draft grades that are handed out the day after the draft (nothing irks me more).  That is why I found Jed’s Quarterly Analysis on NFL Rookies so appealing.  It analyzes and assigns points to rookies based on their draft spot, and consequent production throughout the season.  I really look forward to seeing how this analysis develops in the coming years.

William’s Selections

Reflecting back on all the sports posts this past year and the contributions that I’ve made, I’m particularly proud of my piece on How the Maloofs Ruined Sacramento Kings Basketball as well as my three-part Spring Training series. Both were expressions of positive and negative sporting experiences for me during 2012.  I believe the Kings article in particular resonated with other Sacramento area fans and it received great traction on the website and in social media circles.

Photo By: Bradjward

As far as other sports post from 2012, Jed’s “A Poetic Adieu to Mr. Peyton Manning” and his recent insightful article on the PGA’s Dissolution of Q-School are both must reads in my book.  And while I appreciated Tim’s 2012 College Football Primer for sparking my interest in the upcoming season, his weekly series on college basketball The Good, The Bad, & The Crazy not only keeps me abreast of the happens in NCAA, but are consistently some of the best reads on the site.

Jed’s Selections

As Founder and Editor-in Chief of sports-glutton.com, I feel extremely fortunate to have such a dedicated team of contributors who spend an immeasurable amount of their time and energy to creating the original content found here.  Selecting a few articles for honorable mention is never an easy task, but over the course of any given year there are always a few pieces that stand out above the rest.

Lebron James and Walter White

James Photo By: Keith Allison

Tim’s work and knowledge of the subject matters he writes about never ceases to amaze me. I look forward to and thoroughly enjoy his series The Good, The Bad, & The Crazy, as I seldom have the time to watch as much college basketball as I’d like.  Occasionally, Tim’s gets creative and punches out fantastic reads like The Lebron James and Walter White Connection and his 2012-13 “Presidential” College Basketball Previews.  Each are worthy of a reread.

Though our resident baseball aficionado has been the site’s voice of reason and enlightenment concerning Major League Baseball 2012, William’s before mentioned article on the Maloofs and the Sacramento Kings as well as his piece on the Olympics stand out in my mind.  Each are excellent examples of the passion that William has of sports as both a writer and fan.

Photo by Tim Hipps, FMWRC Public Affairs

Like Tim, my knowledge about and understanding NASCAR increasing with each of Mike’s race preview posts and his previews of the Triple Crown races for the ponies always make me feel like a more informed viewer of the events.  However, in 2012 it was his article on Jennifer Jo Cobb that stood out above the rest.  An informative and illuminating piece about NASCAR’s other female driver, the piece is a great read and was even appreciatively received by Cobb herself.

As for me, I suppose that I should let you the readers decide whether or not there was anything that I wrote in 2012 that merits mentioning here.  I tend to think that most of my articles are entertaining, insightful, thought provoking, or at the very least not boring reads, but that doesn’t mean they are.

I will say though that in addition to my articles on the NFL, I did enjoy covering both the PGA Tour and Real Salt Lake of the MLS this past year.  Additionally, I owe a special thanks to RSL for providing me with the opportunity and experience of covering a professional franchise for the first time.

Lastly, I am proud of the continued success of the “The Sandlot: As it Stands Today” and “Revisiting The Sandlot As It Stands Today” posts.  Both pieces combined for a humbling 85,000 hits this year and sports-glutton.com continues to be a favorite source on the web for information about the filming locations of one of the greatest baseball movies made.

*Wondering where Mike is??  Unfortunately, work obligations have occupied his time over the past few weeks and he was unable to contribute to our look back at the year which was 2012. Hopefully, we can convince Mike’s boss to allow him more free time next year.

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  1. Steven Jeffries says:

    Nice to take the time to thank these folks, Jed. I will look forward to reading your site in the coming year!

  2. Sportschump says:

    I wonder if it’ll ever be safe for the Maloofs to go back to Sacramento.

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