Thirsty Thursday: Henry DuYore’s Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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Few things are as befitting as naming a distilled spirit after a moonshiner. After all there is something ingenious/admirable about individuals who can create a libation that has the ability to both burn the hair off your chest and power your automobile. How they distribute said spirit is, of course, none of my business.

In tribute to ex-moonshiner Henry DuYore, Ransom Spirits in Northwestern Oregon has created a straight bourbon whiskey befitting for lovers of bourbons, rye, and single malts alike.  Their distinctive blend is “aged for a minimum of four years in new American oak Bourbon barrels, with a percentage finished in French oak barrels.”  The result is a simple and smooth libation that fits nicely into the category of a small production bourbon/whiskey that won’t break the bank or disappoint. It also happens to be pretty good when used to make Bourbon Apple Blondies w/ a Salted Caramel Swirl.

Here’s my complete review (enjoyed on the rocks):

Henry DuYore’s Straight Bourbon Whiskey (Batch #3, Bottle #3515)
In spite of being slightly fumy when on the rocks, the nose expresses notes of vanilla, white chocolate, rye, and oaky spice.  The palate is wrapped in subtle smoky oak with engaging peppery spices up front followed by the flavors of ripe baked pear and vanilla which extends into the finish along with the warmth of alcohol.

Retails around $40 (750ml)

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