Thirsty Thursday: Grand Teton’s 2013 Coming Home Holiday Ale

Dec 12, 2013 3 Comments

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The temperatures in DC have turned cold and the area was recently inundated by the first serious snow fall of the season.  Of course Washington’s definition of “inundated” is typically a mere 1-2 inches. Enough snow to send people scrambling to the store for supplies and force the government to shutdown.

To escape the maddening reaction DC has to snow I often find it’s best to enjoy the city’s Winter Wonderland with a libation that satisfies all my seasonal cravings…like Grand Teton’s Coming Home Holiday Ale.

The 2013 edition of the brewery’s seasonal offering is brewed in the Belgian Dubbel tradition and fermented with yeast brought over from a Belgian Trappist monastery.  The result is a big malty yeasty bit of brilliance that happily engages the palate while comfortably warming the insides with just the right amount of alcohol.  A true taste of winter and the perfect complement to any snowy day.

Here’s my complete review:

Grand Teton’s 2013 Coming Home Holiday Ale (7.5%)
Orangey amber in color this year’s Coming Home Ale expresses bubble gummy/banana yeast, the spice of cloves, roasted malts, a burnt sugar sweetness and a crisp freshness/weight on the nose that can be attributed to the area’s unique water.  Medium to full bodied with assertive carbonation, the palate is light upfront expanding into a blend of sweet, nearly candied, malts and yeast (think wheat bread crust) followed by a touch of citrusy orange that helps balance the equation.  The carbonation somewhat drowns out the spices on the palate, but the caramelized brown sugar that sits forward on a exceedingly long finish makes one forget this tiny imperfection.   Another wintery winner from our friends in Victor, ID.

Click here to see if Grand Teton is available in your neck of the woods.

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3 Responses to “Thirsty Thursday: Grand Teton’s 2013 Coming Home Holiday Ale”

  1. betsyb says:

    I love this season of holiday beers and ales. I haven’t tried this one but will be on the lookout for it!

  2. Eva says:

    That’s definitely a beer that I would enjoy, holiday or not. It’s snowing quite madly right now in Toronto and there is no end in sight; I suspect we’ll have more than 5-10 cm (2-4″) that was predicted. It’s absolutely gorgeous but then again I’m watching from the inside, all snuggled up in my jammies!

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