Thirsty Thursday’s Super Bowl Beer Recommendations

Jan 30, 2014 4 Comments

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Our primary libation recommendations for Super Bowl XLVIII focuses on two breweries from the participants’ home areas of Seattle and Denver: Elysian and Great Divide Breweries.*

The recommendations are based on high quality beers with the attempt to satisfy the palates of light to heavy and hoppy to malty beer drinkers.  We acknowledged the recommendations are limited to those found in the DC metro area, but that shouldn’t stop you from finding at least one of the following tasty suds in your home region to enjoy on Super Bowl Sunday.



Elysian “The Immortal” IPA (6.2%)
Light orange sunset in color with a frothy head the nose expresses piney sweet grapefruit citrus with a touch of malt and yeast.  Crisp with vibrant carbonation upfront that expands in the middle of the palate with sweet lemony bitter hops and orangey malts that relaxingly fall and expand on the back half into a clean refreshing finish.

Elysian “Split Shot” Espresso/Milk Stout (5.6%)
Black as night with a frothy head, the nose entices with its sweet malty espresso. A thick milky coffee creaminess follows on the palate that’s representational of many a milk stout, only lighter.  Finishes clean with a lingering dissipation of the beer’s essence.

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Great Divide “Nomad” Czech Pilsner (5.4%)
Golden straw in color this spin on a classic Bohemian Pilsner style is rustic and clean with notes of biscuit malts on the nose ebbing into a malty palate absorbed with citrusy lemon, herbs, and grassy hops.  Refreshingly dry and a beer that can be consumed all day long.

Great Divide “Yeti” Imperial Stout (9.5%)
Pours thick dark chocolately mud in color with a tan cappuccino head.   Soothing notes of sweet malts, espresso, and coffee on the nose lead to a rounded palate with the flavor/textural milkiness of hot chocolate that expands into bitter dark chocolate and the acidity of rich dark roast coffee. Finishes light and clean with a touch of malty foam on the exterior of the palate.

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4 Responses to “Thirsty Thursday’s Super Bowl Beer Recommendations”

  1. Sportschump says:


    You know I’m not a beer guy but I gotta tell you, some of these microbrews knock out some pretty bad-ass labels.

    I’d be interested in finding out what sort of art budget these breweries allot for labeling.

    • Jed Gray says:

      Like wine I often selling beer is just as much about the label as the contents inside of the bottle. It’s the difference between a customer looking at a bottle and saying WTF or saying give me some of that. I know some breweries who have full time designers, etc.

  2. Sportsattitudes says:

    Jed, when I imbibe it’s only beer for me. I don’t venture outside my comfort zone of Anchor Steam, Sam Adams (most all) and Amstel Light. However I do check out the microbrews from time to time and have plenty of options in the SE Pennsylvania area. We have a few cool micros operating locally. Will have to see if these are nearby.

    • Jed Gray says:

      Some times it’s good to venture out as you never know when you might find a new favorite. Haven’t try too many SE Penn brews myself except for a smattering during some Philly visits. Sadly I don’t recall them. 😉

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