Thirsty Thursday: German Raedler w/ Limonata

Jul 17, 2014 1 Comment

German Raedler with Limonata

Long time followers of this blog may recall our appreciation for the German version of summer shandies or Raedlers.  A refreshing blend of beer and Zitrone (citrus soda), the Raedler is a perfect adult libation for cooling off after a strenuous hike or while soaking up some Vitamin D on a lounge chair in the backyard.  In Bavaria, this drink typically uses Helles (a lager style beer) for the base, but the drink can also be made with most lagers, a weiss or dunkel weissbier, or just about beer you can think of. 

Unfortunately, because of the literal translation of Zitrone many establishments in America mistakenly use lemonade instead of a citrus based soda giving Raedlers a completely erroneous tastes.  For our Raedlers we typically stick to most citrus based sodas (when possible organic), but every once in a while we do experiment with the citrus option hoping to find something equally delicious. 

Our most recent experiment lead us to substitute in San Pellegrino Limonata and to our surprise we discovered a superior domestic version this Bavarian specialty.  The difference is subtle but the concoction is lighter, slightly less sweet, with a touch more natural citrus which we feel allows a lighter version of the beer to shine.  It’s everything Raedler lovers cave and exactly what novices can fall in love with. 

The Necessities:

  • Helles or German lager style beer (from what’s available in America I prefer Paulaner Original Munich Style Lager)
  • San Pellegrino Limonata
  • Bierstein (or glass)


  • Pour a small amount of beer in the bottom of the Stein
  • Fill 1/4 to 1/3 of the Stein with Limonata (depending on your desired level of sweetness)
  • Top off the Stein with the remaining beer.

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One Response to “Thirsty Thursday: German Raedler w/ Limonata”

  1. Eva Taylor says:

    Now that’s definitely something I would try, sounds very refreshing. We have a beer made in Québec called Blanche de Chambly (made in Chambly) that bartenders will plop a slice of orange in the glass before they serve, it’s delightful without adding too much sweetness or orange!

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