Thirsty Thursday: Aspall Dry English Draft Cider

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 Aspall Dry English Draft Cider

Football and beer is as American as it gets.  But if you asked the founding fathers, chances are they’d probably include cider in the mix of all American, top-choice, adult libations to enjoy.  In fact, up through the 1840s cider was the preferred drink of choice for the working class.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be all that surprising that cider is enjoying a “rebirth” of sorts in the States with a plethora of companies pimping the legitimacy of their alcoholic products to consumers.  Still, we tend to find most domestic ciders a tad on the candied, Jolly Rancher side, instead of a balanced fruit-based beverage. 

However during a recent excursion to the Old Country, we gained an appreciation for a more traditional English cider, Aspall. Drier in it’s construction than modern American counterparts, the Aspall Dry delivers an easy drinking balanced cider that is perfect for unwinding and deceivingly sedating.

Here’s our complete review:

Aspall Dry English Draft Cider (6.8%)
Pale golden in color, the cider opens with crisp gala/fuji apple fruit along with a touch of creamy nutty funk (in a good way).  Medium bodied on the palate with a balance of ripe and tart applish fruits. Light on the carbonation, the cider is crisp, finishing clean with the pleasant essence of the fermented fruit.

Recommended for… the reluctant cider consumers, those seeking a more complex alternative to sweet American ciders, and true patriots.

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