Thirsty Thursday: B. Nektar Zombie Killer Cherry Cyser

Oct 23, 2014 1 Comment

 B. Nektar Zombie Killer Cherry Cyser

The Walking Dead is back on television satisfying everyone’s desires for more dead, more apocalyptic gore, and more “Zombie Kills of the Week”…made popular by the instant movie classic Zombieland.  But in case the Walking Dead isn’t well dead enough, Thirsty Thursday presents you with B. Nektar Meadery’s Zombie Killer Cherry Cyser.

Made with Michigan honey, cherries, and apple cider, this mead is said to have become a viral epidemic of fall seasonal happiness upon its release back in 2011.  Not overly sweet and perfectly balanced in its construction, Zombie Killer is a pure Michigan creation that’s a tempting thirst quenching adult beverage for both the living and possibly the dead.

Here’s my complete review:

B. Nektar Zombie Killer Cherry Cyser (6% alc)
Summer peach tea in color, the Zombie Killer opens with a nose of slightly effervescent dried cherry and tart apple.  The palate is apply saucy on the front evolving into cinnamon and baking spices followed by floral sweet dried cherry that gently expands onto the finish long.  A simple, gracious, and delicious fall treat.

Retails around $8

Recommended for…lovers of Mead, Ciders, and fall spices. 

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One Response to “Thirsty Thursday: B. Nektar Zombie Killer Cherry Cyser”

  1. Eva Taylor says:

    My SIL is all over that show, I tried watching it but couldn’t, I’m too much of a suck.
    Ordinarily I would not be tempted by a sweet gimmicky drink like this but we are heading down to Wisconsin and Illinois so I may give this a go.

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