Our Favorite Gluttonous Foods of 2014

Dec 24, 2014 1 Comment

Cured Salmon BLT with Roasted Pepper Goat Cheese Spread Recipe IMG_8289

As another gluttonous year comes to an end we continue our tradition of taking a moment to look back at some of our favorite recipes from the kitchen, grill, and beyond… 

Classic Gluttony

Gluttony comes in many forms, but sometimes simplistic goodness is the best way to go. Click on each image to view the recipes…

Mango and Roasted Jalapeno Risotto Recipe IMG_6185

Baked Ziti with Turkey and Broccoli Rabe Recipe IMG_7419

Fried Smoked Cheese Polenta Sticks Recipe

Butter Chicken Dip with Naan Chips 2

Breakfast Gluttony

The type of eats you crave waking for and require for “recovery” purposes:

Carne Adovada Tater Tot Hash with a Sunny Side Up Egg Recipe IMG_8652 

Tortilla Burger Smothered in Green Chile Sauce 3 

Seasonal Gluttony

For every season there’s a food and the following recipes delivered exactly what was needed at the right time of year:

 Heirloom Tomato Pie Recipe IMG_9112

Pumpkin Pie Spiced Fried Chicken Recipe 

Smoked Gluttony

A replay of one of our earliest creations. Fans of this recipe have called it “the best BBQ Mac & Cheese ever”…

BBQ Mac & Cheese with Bacon, Gruyère, and Fritos Recipe IMG_7831

Soulful Gluttony

Soup is good for the soul…


Lamb Meatball Soup

Late Nite Gluttony

The type of sustenance needed in the late nite hours to soak up all the libations you’ve consumed…

Duck Confit Sandwich w: Fennel & Pickled Red Onion Recipe IMG_773

Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes Recipe IMG_8202

Sweet Gluttony

Tempting your gluttonous sweet tooth with cookies and ice cream…

 Strawberry Shortcake Sugar Cookies Recipe 1

Vanilla Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Chocolate Covered Pizzelle and Caramel Swirl Ben and Jerrys IMG_8498 

We hope you’ve has enjoyed all the recipes posted in 2014.  Stay tuned in 2015 as we continue creating tempting forms of gluttony in our new kitchens and on the grill. 

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  1. Eva Taylor says:

    The soups look particularly good on this very cold (-10C feels like -20C with the windchill) day. Happy New Year!

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