Sandeman Porto 10 Year Old Tawny

Feb 26, 2015 2 Comments

Sandeman Porto 10 Year Old Tawny

Always an equal opportunity imbiber of adult libations, I’m constantly in search of unusual and surprising finds. Beers, wines, or spirits that make you think twice and question your expectations about any particular style. My most recent surprise was Sandeman’s Porto 10 year-old Tawny.

The wine has the feel of a cross between that of a tawny and ruby port, delivering the best aspects of both worlds. Youthful in it’s expression the wine possesses a light red jammy fruit and raisin component you’d expect from a ruby port that is harmoniously fused with the hints of the orange, nuts, and vanilla of a tawny. Unusual yes (especially at first sip), but highly enjoyable thereafter, Sandeman’s 10 Tawny is a port that literally tastes better on day two or three.

Here’s my complete review:

Sandeman Porto 10 Year Old Tawny
Tawny/mahogany red in color, the stylistic cross is apparent on the nose with preserved red fruits, raisins, candied orange rind, hints of vanilla and alcohol. Youthful and light, the palate’s soft mouthful is a perfect cross between styles redelivering the essences from the nose along with a touch of nuttiness. Finish is subtly sweet and extended. A compelling and interactive wine.

Retails around $30-40

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