The Krautschupfnudeln Waffle

Mar 18, 2015 1 Comment

The Krautschupfnudeln Waffle

Waffle Month continues with a strange but good recipe that fuses Bavarian and American classics into one: The Krautschupfnudeln Waffle.

Now you’re probably asking “the what type of waffle?”…so allow me to explain.

Krautschupfnudeln is a Bavarian (and Schwaben) dish, which harmoniously blends slightly browned spaetzle (German pasta), sauerkraut, speck (cured pork or bacon) and often cheese into one damn tasty side concoction. It’s a dish that I’ve personally been obsessed with and worked tirelessly to perfect over the years, posting the pure Biergarten recipe here back in 2011.

Krautschupfnudeln in waffle form is simply an attempt to place the tastiness of this Southern German dish into the palm of your hands for easy consumption or allow it to be a complement for enjoying Jagerschnitzel. The waffle iron is a solid alternative to making Krautschupfnudeln in a wok (or frying pan) fusing the ingredients together while providing the necessary touch of browning/charring to the spaetzle. It’s literally Bavarian goodness in American waffle form.


The Necessities:*

  • Homemade Spaetzle (click here for recipe)
  • Sauerkraut (we recommend Gundelsheim)
  • Speck or bacon (precooked and roughly chopped)
  • Salt and pepper
  • Freshly grated Emmentaler cheese

*Please note that exact quantities have not been defined as each waffle can be made with as little or much of each ingredient as desired.  However, the spaetzle batter recipe should provide for roughly 3 waffles. 


The Krautschupfnudeln Waffle 2

  • Place a hand full of spaetzle in the center of your preheated waffle iron.
  • Top with Emmentaler cheese and sauerkraut.
  • Generously season with salt and pepper (important!)
  • Top with speck/bacon and a finally small amount of spaetzle.
  • Cook until each side is browned.
  • Carefully remove and devour.

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One Response to “The Krautschupfnudeln Waffle”

  1. Eva Taylor says:

    What a lovely fusion of recipes Jed. We adore browned spaetzle and I’m sure this version is quite wonderful but my heart is still pining for the original you posted some time ago. Can’t wait to whip up that tasty dish.

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