Thirsty Thursday: Small Town Brewery “Not Your Father’s Root Beer”

Nov 12, 2015 1 Comment

Small Town Brewery Not Your Father’s Root Beer

Nowadays the number of adult libations at 7-Elevens, mega-stores, or fine spirit retailers is arguably as varied and intriguing as they ever have been. The choices for consumption are nearly endless and producers are ever keen on finding the next big thing to catch the consumers eye…example the endless supply of pumpkin beers.

One adult libation that I’ve found staring me in the face on a regular basis while perusing cold cases on both sides of the country is Small Town Brewery’s “Not Your Father’s Root Beer.”

For the longest time I ignored this offering as an annoying new gimmick to steal away my hard earned dollars. Even a free bottle presented to me via a gracious co-worker couldn’t persuade yours truly to imbibe in something that was sure to be utter nonsense.

Still where there is a will, or need, for a cold beverage, will power eventually breaks down and I recently found myself popping the top of the Northern Chicago Brewery’s infamous “beer.”

I wasn’t sure what I expected to derive from this unusual sud, but I was immediately surprise to experience the familiar nose of a true root beer followed by a sweet-spiced sensation on the palate. The beer had all the familiar tones of your typical sarsaparilla and no overt alcohol notes, making for a unique offering that is definitely worthy of a sip or bottle.

Here’s my complete review:

Small Town Brewery “Not Your Father’s Root Beer” (5.7% alc)
Has the nose you’d expect of the classic combination of root beer spices (think molasses, vanilla, spice, licorice, and sassafras) and carbonation. A tad flat on the palate, with flavors of wintergreen, cola, nutmeg, and anise wrapped in vanilla sweetness. The silky smoothness nearly allows the beer to reach a cream soda realm. Finishes with feisty spices and the sweetness level expected of a soda. Not for everyone, but definitely worthy of a sip or bottle.  

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