Thirsty Thursday: 3 Stars Brewing Peppercorn Saison

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3 Stars Brewing Peppercorn Saison

Saisons are nearly a dime a dozen nowadays, yet the trend seems to create beers that are more flashy than based on a solid foundation of substance with a high level of drinkability. With this in mind Thirsty Thursday brings you: 3 Star’s Peppercorn Saison.

Basement homebrewers turned upstart microbrewery, 3 Stars Brewing in NW Washington DC has a portfolio of solid original suds. However, their Peppercorn Saison might be the brewery’s most approachable and satisfying offering. Not overly funk’d, the beer combines an addicting weight and sweetness to the typical refreshing aspects of saison along with hints of spice. Nothing flashy, but still a damn good beer.

Here’s my complete review:

3 Stars Brewing Peppercorn Saison (6.5%)
Hazy ice tea in color with a minimal head, the nose opens with notes of coriander, subtle pepper, and citrus peel wrapped in a muted amount of yeast. The surprisingly approachable palate displays flavors of tropical fruits, tangerine, and a mild sweetness of malts. Finishes clean with a mild touch of bitters.

Recommended for entry level Saisoners and lager enthusiasts

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