Thirsty Thursday Fail: Frank’s Red Hot Bloody Mary!

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Frank’s Red Hot Bloody Mary

Usually the holidays are time for good cheer. Libations that make the season more enjoyable than it already is. However, my most recent trek to the local watering stop presented me with a libation that was too tempting to pass up researching and consequently left me with a rare Thirsty Thursday Fail: Frank’s Red Hot Bloody Mary!

Lovers of Frank’s Red Hot (ourselves included) are instantly drawn by the familiar the label…one that leads the consumer to believe in the possibility that they can enjoy a bloody mary like beverage made with Frank’s Red Hot. After all, how could one go wrong???

Yet like so many another gimmick libations, Frank’s is actually a malted beverage that indulges more in a synthetic rendition of a bloody mary rather than the friendly morning after face saving elixir many of us adore. It’s really not that surprising, just sad that the proud name of Frank’s is associated with such a dismal offering.

Here’s my complete review:

Frank’s Red Hot Bloody Mary! (5.5% alc)
Looks like guava juice with hot sauce, but smells like watered down tomato juice with an indefinable weighted sweetness and a hint of spice. The palate is a blend of tomato juice, subtle sweet artificial malted liquor flavors mixed with pointed heat from what one can only assume is Frank’s Red Hot.  Not recommended for typical consumption needs.

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