Thirsty Thursday: Andean Brewing Company’s Kuka Belgian Tripel

Jan 14, 2016 Comments Off on Thirsty Thursday: Andean Brewing Company’s Kuka Belgian Tripel

Andean Brewing Companys Kuka Belgian Tripel

Holiday travels means visiting alternative libation jurisdictions and the opportunity to imbibe in libations not found/offered in one’s current locale. I regularly take advantage of such situations and during our most recent journey to NYC came across a most intriguing sud: Andean Brewing Company’s Kuka Belgian Tripel.

An alternative interpretation of the Tripel style, the Kuka utilizes Belgian candy sugar, cane sugar, and Maca root (native to the high Andes of Peru) to create a soft, approachable, sessionable in taste, subtly rustic beer that continually temps your palate to stop after the first taste. Translation…it’s a solidly constructed, sneaky satisfying, “I’m happy with my selection beer.”

Here’s my complete review:

Andean Brewing Company’s Kuka Belgian Tripel (9.1%)
Muted orange in color the beers pours with a minimal quickly dissipating head. The nose speaks to the elements used in fermentation with the yeast of a Tripel, the sweet fruitiness of cane sugar, an undeniable rounded malt, and subtle rustic earthy spice. The medium bodied palate expounds upon the nose with toasted malts, yeast, bright ripe orange and a touch of spice. Alcohol is well integrated for a subtle, easy drinking, tweaked, Tripel experience.

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