Thirsty Thursday: Allagash Brewing Co. Fluxus 2015

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Allagash Brewing Co. Fluxus 2015

Brewed to commemorate the anniversary of the iconic Portland, Maine brewery Allagash’s first beer sold, Fluxus (Latin for continuous change) delivers a new sud experience every year for people palates to enjoy.  The 2015 edition of Fluxus offers up a healthy injection of Pilsner malts, local maple syrup, and Belgian-style yeast along with two experimental hops, creating a smooth, approachable, and subtly complex beer.

Here’s my complete review:

Allagash Brewing Co. Fluxus 2015
Hazy but bright golden yellow in color, the beer opens with soft malts, citrus zest, herbal hops and a touch of yeast. The palate follows the nose and introduces a riper tropical fruit component, earth spice, and the unmistakable rich sweet touch of maple syrup that doesn’t overwhelm the beer. The bitterness of hops helps to round off and balance the finish.

Recommended for beer enthusiasts interested in a casually engaging sud

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