Welcome to sports-glutton.com, one of the most diverse and engaging websites on the Internet.  The site brings together some of the best forms human gluttony: sports, food, libations, humor, and travel.  And although Webster’s dictionary might define gluttony as having unhealthy connotations, we believe being a glutton is more about passionately enjoying life. Whether that comes in the form of supporting your favorite sport or team, indulging in simplest to most complex foods, and/or quenching your palate’s thirst for a adult libation of choice, you’ll find everything to satisfy your own gluttonous tendencies at sports-glutton.com.

Here’s a closer look at each aspect of site:


2012 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro Am Tiger Woods IMG_1926

The opinionated world of sports is one that the sports-glutton.com team of contributors write about in a engaging format with unique insights, analysis, statistics, and perspectives that we believe are often lacking in mainstream media.  We currently cover the NFL, NCAA football/basketball, MLB, NBA, and the PGA Tour.

We’re a recognized media outlet for the MLS, having received media credentials to cover both Real Salt Lake and DC United.

Food Recipes

Pork Chops with Fresh Blueberry Wine Sauce Recipe IMG_5998

The vast majority of our food recipes are original or inspired creations from the Glutton Household’s kitchen.  Whether it’s off the grill or kitchen prepared, simplistic to complex, the recipes shared on sports-glutton.com are intended to satisfy everyone’s gluttonous desires.  We also endeavor to use only local/organic ingredients and belong to multiple CSA programs, making our form of gluttony a “healthier” one.  Food recipes are typically posted on Wednesdays.


Thirsty Thursday Mikkeller's Beer Geek Breakfast Review IMG_9762

The right adult libation can be as satisfying to one’s soul as it is to their palate. Our weekly Thirsty Thursday posts review the good and sometimes disappointing world of beer, wine, distilled spirits, and more.

Have a libation that you’d like us to consider for Thirsty Thursday?  Click here to contact us or send an e-mail directly to jed@sports-glutton.com.


Monday Morning Humor

Every work week demands a small amount of levity to get things off on the right foot.  So every Monday (North American time zones) we offer up a solid laugh via video or imagery with Monday Morning Humor. And if you have something humorous that you’d like to share with our audience, feeling free to send it our way by clicking here.


Glutton Travels Hillbilly Hot Dogs Lesage Huntington West Virginia Review IMG_8657

The contributors at sports-glutton.com are known to venture out into the world from time to time in search of new gluttonous pleasures. We report on our experiences in the travel section, sharing with you the good, bad, humorous, and random oddities that we’ve come across in this world.


We hope you enjoy all the gluttony offered here at sports-glutton.com and make the site of your regular diet.