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MLB Recipe Series: The Complete Collection

Oct 30, 2013 7 Comments

As the 2013 Major League Baseball season winds down with the St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox battling for the Commissioner’s Trophy we’ll conclude our MLB Recipe Series with a recap of each recipe posted over the past year.  Please let us know which recipes (if any) you particularly enjoyed and once again we’d like […]

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Baltimore Orioles: So Much More Than A Benedict

Jul 31, 2013 19 Comments

I had a dream.  A dream that brought together the wonderful world of crab cakes and bagels.  A dream that topped said world with the gluttony of a poached egg, an old bay caramelized onion hollandaise sauce, and the addition of a few bacon strips.   It was a dream that we made a reality […]

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Texas Rangers: Bacon Jam & Cornbread Waffles

May 22, 2013 26 Comments

There have been some rumblings that the MLB Recipe Series hasn’t been serving up the extreme forms of gluttony that some people have grown accustom to providing. Never fear though, because we’ve answered the call and created a dish holds true to one of the great principles in the gluttonous world of food: bacon […]

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Our Favorite Gluttonous Foods of 2012

Dec 19, 2012 15 Comments

The holidays are upon us and that means it’s time for the family to begin winding down operations for 2012.  But before taking a well deserved winter break, we’ll be reflecting back over the past year with some of our favor sports articles, food recipes, and libation recommendations. We’ll get things starter off with […]

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Berry Butter Granola Crumb

Jul 25, 2012 29 Comments

As I discussed back with my Grilled Stuffed Eggplant w/ Spicy Italian Sausage Recipe, making flavorful and satisfying meals when camping can at times be challenging because most of the time you’re traveling on the lighter side without access to the normal range of products in your kitchen…that is unless you’re “camping” in an RV […]

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Citrus Caramelized Leeks Over Grilled Salmon

Mar 21, 2012 53 Comments

There are times when circumstance and the ingredients on hand bring out the creation of a dish.  So it was during the height of the citrus season when we were inundated with oranges, possessed leeks which needed to be used, and happened to have just purchased half a fresh salmon. Per the Glutton household food […]

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Indian Spiced Hollandaise Sauce Over Mashed Potato Cakes and Eggs

Mar 10, 2012 26 Comments

A systemic problem in the Glutton house that emanates from my German heritage is having leftover mashed potatoes, as my eyes are bigger than my stomach. Consequently we are often pressed to find alternative uses for mashed potatoes. One of our most recent experiments led to creating an Indian inspired Hollandaise sauce to drench some […]

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