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Panettone French Toast with Rum Cointreau Maple Syrup

Dec 21, 2011 30 Comments

Having been born and raised in California, I was never familiar with panettone until I met my wife Liz, who is a NYC gal.  But it’s safe to say that once I tasted this Italian holiday bread of sweet citrus/fruit deliciousness I was hooked and no holiday season passes without at least one panettone being […]

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Fresh Garden Breakfast: Bacon, Eggs, Tomatoes & Tomatillos

Oct 12, 2011 17 Comments

The end of the summer season has finally arrived here in Utah and our garden’s production of summer veggies, etc. has stopped.  Left with a smattering of tomatoes, tomatillos, and hot peppers I put together this quick breakfast that can be prepared as spicy or savory as you wish.  The dish is basically a skillet with an egg sunny side up cooked […]

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Oktoberfest Eats: Munich Weisswurst

Sep 18, 2011 15 Comments

It’s the end of day two at Oktoberfest in Munich and there are sure to be more than a few people desiring a recovery breakfast in the morning.  Whether you’re at the actually Oktoberfest or recovering from a domestic celebration, I recommend a traditional Munich breakfast that always got me back on my feet…Weisswurst, Brezn (pretzels), and Bier.  For those […]

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New York Giants: Homemade Bagels Recipe

Jul 13, 2011 5 Comments

The NFL Recipe Series continues with the New York Giants and a recipe for one of the iconic foods of New York…the bagel.  Craftyglutton, a native New Yorker, made this recipe as part of the Bread Baker’s Apprentice challenge (the recipe itself is from Peter Reihart’s book The Bread Baker’s Apprentice).   While making bagels that […]

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Eggs Over Easy with Bacon & Anaheim Peppers

Jun 22, 2011 3 Comments

A few days ago I had a hunkering for some eggs over easy, bacon, and toast (partially because of the previous night’s activities).  As I grabbed the bacon out of the freezer my frozen roasted anaheim peppers caught my eye and I thought, “Why not?”  I roughly chopped the peppers and bacon, sautéed them up in […]

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Glutton Coffeecake Recipe

Apr 27, 2011 Comments Off on Glutton Coffeecake Recipe

An occasional staple of weekend mornings in our household is homemade coffeecake.  Now I’m not talking about your standard café or coffee shop coffeecake which is a dry fluffy cake with some cinnamon sugar mixture on top.  I’m talking about a moist cake with nuggets of gooey goodness topped with buttery/cinnamon/brown sugar deliciousness. This coffeecake is absolute the […]

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Bacon Waffles w/ Sherry Syrup

Jan 18, 2011 3 Comments

Now incorporating bacon into waffles is nothing new, especially for people who love bacon.  But a few years back I want to take bacon waffles (and any regular waffle for that matter) to the next level. Using one of my favorite Sherries, Alvear Solera 1927 Pedro Ximenez*, I concocted a phenomenal adult syrup topping that is the […]

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