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New York Jets: Drunken Black & White Cookie Recipe

Aug 29, 2011 16 Comments

  The NFL Recipe Series has been somewhat strangely absent of dessert recipes.  I say strange because unbeknownst to most people I started my endeavors in the kitchen as a baker.  In fact one of my first jobs was a baker in a small cafe, a job I eventually retired from due to the stresses of college nightlife […]

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Smoked Apricots with Ice Cream

Jul 06, 2011 2 Comments

By Sportsglutton Summer time is here which means plenty of fresh fruits and grilling.  And while I’m not always the biggest fan of apricots, I spotted some at the store last week which looked too good to pass up.  In my mind the fruit’s destiny was already pre-ordained…the apricots are going on the grill with butter and […]

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Adult S’mores Recipe

Jun 29, 2011 Comments Off on Adult S’mores Recipe

  By Sportsglutton With the camping season is already in full swing for many in the nation and the 4th of July nearly upon us I thought it appropriate to share a recipe for “adult” s’mores that I literally stumbled upon.  Last fall, while breaking in our new fire pit, I was unsatisfied with sugar […]

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