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Atlanta Falcons: Peach Habanero Salsa Recipe

Jul 28, 2011 14 Comments

*Special thanks to our NASCAR writer, Speedglutton, for his first food recipe post By Speedglutton The NFL Recipe Series continues with the Atlanta Falcons and a recipe befitting any team located in the State of Georgia…peach habanero salsa. This is a recipe my wife and I developed (OK, she deserves a little more credit for the recipe than I) and, […]

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New Orleans Saints: Chicken & Sausage Gumbo Recipe

Jul 27, 2011 9 Comments

By Sportsglutton Louisiana is one state that I both love and hate visiting.  Love because it has some of the best eats in the country; hate because of how much my waistline typically expands while visiting.  The dish that probably optimizes this love/hate relationship the best for me is gumbo.  My best friend’s family got […]

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Chicken Wings Recipe

Jul 26, 2011 6 Comments

By Sportsglutton Slight change of plans today for the NFL Recipe Series, as I’m posting the Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s recipe instead of the New Orleans Saints (not to worry…the Saints will come marching in tomorrow).  First things first, this is a repost of our “famous” chicken wings recipe from the blog’s early days, which I […]

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Carolina Panthers: Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich Recipe

Jul 25, 2011 6 Comments

The Carolina Panthers and the rest of the teams from NFC South headline Week 3 of our NFL Recipe Series.  When speaking about Carolina and food, the first thing that comes to my mind is pulled pork sandwiches.  Consequently we are offering up our rendition of a Western Carolina style pulled pork sandwich for the Carolina Panthers.  […]

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Minnesota Vikings: Bacon & Sun-Dried Tomato Stuffed Burger Recipe

Jul 21, 2011 5 Comments

By Sportsglutton In Minneapolis, the home of the somewhat homeless Vikings, stuffed burgers have become a staple of the city’s cuisine, with local joints stuffing burgers with just about anything you can think of.  Therefore a recipe for stuffed burgers rounds out the NFC North and our NFL Recipe Series for this week.   While I realize the recipe below […]

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Detroit Lions: Smothered Pork Chops Recipe

Jul 20, 2011 5 Comments

By Sportsglutton The Detroit area certainly has its fair share of soul food restaurants. Therefore seemed all to befitting that we offer up our rendition of a soul food favorite “Smothered Pork Chops” representing the Detroit Lions as part of’s NFL Recipe Series. One interesting aspect of this recipe is a surprisingly subtle/delicious barbecue potato […]

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Green Bay Packers: Fried Jalapeno Cheese Curds Recipe

Jul 19, 2011 6 Comments

By Sportsglutton The NFL recipe series takes a slight twist today with the Green Bay Packers and a recipe for Fried Jalapeno Cheese Curds.  My first experience with cheese curds was in La Crosse, Wisconsin and while I can’t say that I became an instant fan, I was definitely intrigued by this usual food.  Therefore, when […]

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