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Winter Kale Salad

Feb 24, 2016 2 Comments

While this recipe deviates from your regularly scheduled gluttonous dish, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. This salad is hearty, crisp, and refreshing in the dead of winter. We realize some folks may not love kale, especially raw, so feel free to sub another salad green – just don’t massage the […]

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Blueberry Lemon Basil Whoopie Pies

Feb 17, 2016 1 Comment

Inspiration comes in many forms. For the Glutton Kitchens the inspiration for our recipes often starts with the most basic of visual stimulations where we challenge our demented minds to find a gluttonous zone never before traveled. This week’s recipe was literally inspired by a discussion of whether or not to indulge in a whoopie […]

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Wake Up Breakfast Pizza

Feb 10, 2016 1 Comment

Gluttons around the world understand that the enjoyment of pizza cannot be limited to lunch, dinner, or late night snack. Sometimes it’s necessary for balancing the equation in the early morning hours and hence it’s a 24/7 food. Our “Wake Up Breakfast Pizza” offers a balance of rich, healthier, protein packed sustenance to get your […]

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Gluttonous Super Bowl Foods

Feb 03, 2016 Comments Off on Gluttonous Super Bowl Foods

The Glutton’s Kitchen is hosting the Super Bowl festivities this year, which means we’ll be working overtime to create a heart stopping food experience for the ages to satisfy the appetites of our guests.  To reach this goal we’ve reflected back on our many years of recipes and created the following menu options for our […]

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Leftover Pot Roast Pasties

Jan 27, 2016 2 Comments

Leftovers happen, but what does one do with leftovers is the eternal question. The answer from last week’s Winter Pot Roast recipe is simple…use the remarkable combination of beef, veggies, and gravy into a savory filling for a pastry pocket or pasty. It’s simple hand held winter warming goodness for your stomach to enjoy. The […]

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Winter Pot Roast

Jan 20, 2016 4 Comments

In the dictionary under pot roast it says “a piece of beef that is cooked slowly in a pot,” and more often than not this translates to bland All-American Diner meat on a plate. Well the following recipe is meant to liberate your taste buds from the boring norm and energize them with an addicting […]

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Winter Beef Stew

Jan 13, 2016 1 Comment

Have you ever had one of those moments when you taste a well executive meal for the first time and your reaction is simply “DAMN this is good!”??? Well, our Winter Beef Stew is precisely that. It’s a simple yet intriguing blend of the herbs and spices that meld with celery root, sweet potatoes, turnips, […]

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