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Bagel Toasted with Duck Fat

Apr 16, 2014 7 Comments

Let’s keep it simple today…bagel toasted with duck fat.  Nuff said. The Necessities: Bagels (halved) Melted duck fat Directions: Drown the interior side of the bagel in duck fat. Toast on a hot skillet or frying pan. Enjoy gluttony at its best. Copyright ©, 2010-2014. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this […]

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BBQ Mac & Cheese w/ Bacon, Gruyère, and Fritos

Apr 02, 2014 15 Comments

Time to take another step back in time and revisit a recipe we posted over 3 years ago: BBQ Mac & Cheese w/ Bacon, Gruyère, and Fritos. A wickedly addicting combination of bacon, onions, cheddar, Gruyère, and fusilli pasta, this is a mac that could probably stand on its own.  But good is not good […]

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Super Bowl Pizza Ideas

Jan 29, 2014 9 Comments

Super Bowl Sunday is nearly upon us, which means it’s time to loosen the belts, forget about counting calories, and embrace all forms of gluttony while enjoying the big game.  Chips, dips, apps, salads, and any sort of grilled meats are bound to find a place in most people’s Super Bowl buffets. Still there are […]

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Mango and Roasted Jalapeno Risotto

Jan 15, 2014 1 Comment

I have a confession to make…mangos just aren’t my thing.  In their raw form there’s nothing terribly appealing about this tropical fruit for me.  But mix it into other forms like salsas and I’m 100% game. So when my better half announced she was going to experiment and make a Mango and Roasted Jalapeno Risotto […]

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Our Favorite Gluttonous Foods of 2013

Dec 18, 2013 6 Comments

Another year is nearly past and the Glutton Kitchen has shutdown for 2013.  So let’s take a look back at the year that was and revisit some of our favorite recipes which fit into a few particularly appropriately labeled “Gluttonous Categories.” Cardiac Arrest Gluttony There’s a form of legitimate gluttony in everything we do, but […]

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Jalapeno Deviled Eggs w/ Candied Bacon

Dec 11, 2013 6 Comments

Whether it’s a holiday or weekend gathering of family and/or friends, seldom are deviled eggs an off-putting starter to have on the table for your guests. But why serve up mundane eggs when you can impress your guests with palate pleasing explosions of flavor happiness? We give you the following recipe that uses smoked paprika, […]

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Apple Cider Pomegranate Sauce

Dec 04, 2013 5 Comments

‘Tis the season for festive, fatty foods. So, today we bring you a tasty versatile sauce that effectively dresses up healthy foods to disguise them as seasonal delights or makes unctuous morsels of slow cooked meat sing.  With ingredients like pomegranate and apple cider, it’s an at home addition to any wintery spread.  Or perhaps […]

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