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Hummus Dip Recipe

Feb 01, 2011 1 Comment

Super Bowl Week Festivities Part I All week-long we will be providing you some unique food and adult beverage recipes to enjoy during Super Bowl XLV.  Additionally, don’t forget about two previous unique recipe posts that are ideal for your Super Bowl party; Chicken Wings and Brisket Dip The first recipe for this week is homemade […]

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BBQ Acorn Squash

Jan 28, 2011 2 Comments

I used to dislike acorn squash and still wouldn’t make it one of my first selections from the produce department.  There’s nothing particularly enticing about acorn squash, especially for a man.  I mean really what is one to do with a miniature greenish pumpkin? Out of desperation to create something out of nothing I thought up this recipe for BBQing acorn […]

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Stuffing Bread

Nov 26, 2010 Comments Off on Stuffing Bread

Sportsglutton and I happen to like a little stuffing on our turkey sandwiches, unfortunately all of the stuffing was consumed on Thanksgiving day. Is there a solution to this potential world-ending disaster?  Sure is! Stuffing bread.  An entire loaf of bread that is reminiscent of Thanksgiving stuffing. Making bread from scratch can seem intimidating, many recipes are […]

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