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An Open Letter to NBA Commissioner David Stern from Sacramento

Feb 13, 2013 8 Comments

Dear Commissioner Stern: Let me start by congratulating you on your nearly 30 years of tireless service, commitment and leadership to the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the game that so many of us love. When February 1, 2014 rolls around and you step aside, walk away proud knowing that you are the greatest sports […]

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Revisiting The Sandlot: As it Stands Today

Aug 10, 2012 20 Comments

Inspired by Thalia Bardell’s an article for, 18 months ago I compose a simplistic piece about the filming locations for the movie “The Sandlot.”  Unbeknownst to me, this article would grow to not only be the most popular on, but also become a primary source on the inter-wide web for information on and […]

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