Jed Gray

After years working in academia and the wine industry, Jed decided in 2010 to combine his passions in life (sports, food, and libations) to form  A glutton of many trades, he principally writes about the NFL, golf, and other relevant sporting topics for the site.

Jed is also the driving force behind the creation of the original and inspired food recipes posted as well as researching and crafting the adult libation reviews found in the Thirsty Thursday posts.  As the site’s principal photographer he also covers a growing portfolio of sporting events in the United States.

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Tim Solis
Senior Contributor/Editor

Tim Solis Profile PictureA contributor for since 2010, Tim is a graduate of UC Santa Barbara where he majored in history. Not unlike most sports fans, he has always enjoyed engaging in meaningful sports dialogue; especially when that dialogue is accompanied with good food and drink. Tim passionately believes that sports, food, and drink strongly coincide with one another.  As the great Frank Sinatra once said, “you can’t have one without the other”.

Tim primarily focuses on all things basketball (NBA & NCAA) for the site and strongly believes that the first weekend of March Madness should be celebrated as a national holiday.  He also contributes analysis on college football, as well as boxing for  Tim currently resides in the foothills of Northern California with his wife Nichole and their three boys.

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William Hodges
Senior Contributor

Bill Hodges sports-glutton.comAn accomplished communications professional by day and a sports fanatic by night, William joined the team in August 2011. Having previously worked in the sports industry, he brings a unique perspective to his role as the lead soccer contributor and in his occasional NBA, baseball and travel posts.

William is also a self-proclaimed connoisseur of craft beer with a particular fondness for super hoppy IPA. Some favorites include Pliny the Elder, Ruination IPA, Celebration Ale and Racer 5.

William resides in Sacramento, California with his wife Betsey and their daughter Lily and son Henry.

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Jeff Greenberg
Senior Contributor

Jeff GreenbergThe freshest face on looks at sales as his day job, but selling people on his points of view on college sports is his passion.  He believes a great tailgate involves BBQ, brews, and a solid debate on the day’s game.  Jeff grew up in a college town that celebrated national championships, went to school in a college town where a Buffalo roams, and currently lives in a college town where people take their tailgating serious.

Jeff will be covering college football for the site as well as other occasional topics.  Living on Tobacco Road means college sports runs deep in his blood, as well as his opinions on BBQ.  Don’t get him started on the difference between a “barbeque” and a “cook-out.”

Jeff resides in Greenville, North Carolina with his wife Katie and their three, yes three, daughters, Grace, Amelia and Taylor.

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