Thirsty Thursday: German Radler

Jun 30, 2011 1 Comment

During my first trip to Bavaria I was hiking in the Alps with a friend and midway through the hike we came upon small house on the trail which was selling refreshments.  Having already worked up a thirst we stopped and my friend introduced me to one of the most refreshing drinks of all time…the Radler.  Typically a combination […]

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Krautschupfnudeln Recipe

Jun 08, 2011 8 Comments

(Click here to translate into German) Although not the most common dish, Krautschupfnudeln is one of my most beloved Bavarian dishes (technically a Schwaben dish as well).  Found some in Biergartens, at festivals, and/or pre-packaged in local markets Krautschupfnudeln is a harmonious blend of spaetzle, sauerkraut, speck (cured pork or bacon) and in some cases cheese.  While living in […]

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