Pumpkin Bread Overnight French Toast

Oct 21, 2015 Comments Off on Pumpkin Bread Overnight French Toast

Our month long commitment to pumpkin continues this week with a sweet seasonal breakfast treat: Pumpkin Bread Overnight French Toast. Using either homemade (we’ve included our recipe) or store bought pumpkin bread, this casserole dish fuses everything you love about spiced battered bread and the fall pumpkin season. Enjoy! The Necessities: 2 loaves pumpkin bread, […]

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Cured Salmon BLT w/ Roasted Pepper Goat Cheese Spread

Apr 30, 2014 5 Comments

A recently trip to DC’s Union Market exposed us to an incredible smoked salmon BLT from Neopol Savory Smokery. The sandwich hit all the sensory marks you would expect, but it also fueled my gluttonous mind towards finding a way to one up the experience.  What we came up with was a cured salmon BLT […]

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Open Faced Tuna Sandwich

Feb 16, 2011 4 Comments

Canned tuna has to be one of the most boring proteins one can prepare food with.  Most recipes with canned tuna direct us to make tuna casserole, tuna salads, or the infamous tuna sandwich.  I mean really, how often do you get excited enough about canned tuna to pull it off the shelf and cook […]

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Stuffing Bread

Nov 26, 2010 Comments Off on Stuffing Bread

Sportsglutton and I happen to like a little stuffing on our turkey sandwiches, unfortunately all of the stuffing was consumed on Thanksgiving day. Is there a solution to this potential world-ending disaster?  Sure is! Stuffing bread.  An entire loaf of bread that is reminiscent of Thanksgiving stuffing. Making bread from scratch can seem intimidating, many recipes are […]

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