Butter Chicken Dip with Naan Chips

Sep 17, 2014 3 Comments

Whether it’s salsa, guac, or beans, no Gameday is complete without the satisfying repetitiveness of a good dip washed down by a cold beer.  However every once in a while your taste buds deserve a change of pace, a dip that makes you feel happy even if your football or fantasy team is enduring an […]

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Smoked BBQ Turnip Chips

Mar 14, 2012 48 Comments

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to enter to win our St. Patrick’s Day Giveway by clicking here Turnips are one of those root vegetables that I’ve never found overly appealing and consequently have never found a reason purchase regularly…until now. Stuck with some turnips from our CSA, I experimented with making baked […]

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Grilled Pork Roast Recipe

May 11, 2011 2 Comments

We’re getting close to the end of our mammoth stock of CSA organic beef and pork products in the freezer and most of what remains are ribs, rumps, and roasts (not that I’m complaining).  Attempting to finish off what was left so that we could justify another order, I pulled out a hefty pork roast, fired […]

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Gameday Brisket Dip

Nov 20, 2010 2 Comments

One evening when confronted with leftover brisket and a bare refrigerator, Craftyglutton, my better half, and I stumbled upon a simple and creative way to feed ourselves.   We threw the leftover brisket, some refried beans, and other choice ingredients into a pot. The result was a phenomenal dip. Give this recipe a try and you will not be disappointed. […]

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