Talking Draft Prospects with an NFL Director of College Scouting

Apr 29, 2015 1 Comment

The football world is descending on Chicago this week for the NFL Draft as it takes its show on the road this year to the Windy City. Starting Thursday night, dreams will come true for those players who hear their names called from the podium. Pundits have been trying to tell us who will get […]

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Who Says Nothing Big Happens in Spring Football?

Apr 17, 2015 1 Comment

College sports, particularly football, have become a fierce competition not only on the field, but off the field as well. Every school is trying to build its brand awareness in order to attract attention on their programs with the hopes that their program will stick out in the eyes of the recruits they hope to […]

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Trooper Taylor: A Coach and A Mentor

Apr 08, 2015 1 Comment

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word ‘Coach’ as the following; a person who teaches and trains an athlete or performer.  While true, on occasion this definition is inadequate.  A good coach does indeed prepare athletes to participate in sports, but a small percentage of coaches are much more than teachers.  These few are mentors.  These coaches […]

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Inside the Mind of a Head Coach, Who’s a Father and an Educator

Jan 02, 2015 6 Comments

As I get older in my sports fan career, I’ve noticed a tendency to start being more interested in following individuals more than teams.  I think it started with Peyton Manning, who signed a football for me during training camp years ago.  In order to avoid breaking any autograph contract obligations my brother, who worked […]

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The Saturday Seven…with a Bowl Game Flavor

Dec 20, 2014 No Comments

The Holiday Season is here and with it brings one of the greatest traditions in college football.  It’s bowl season!  It’s a festive time in college football and it’s one that I’ve enjoyed for as long as I can remember watching football.  I used to write down a whole chart to map out the bowl […]

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All Access Pass with Arkansas State Football: Game Day

Dec 06, 2014 3 Comments

Saturday morning had arrived.  I didn’t need an alarm to wake up early.  I was up by 5:30AM and sat in bed thinking about what would happen in the game.  I wasn’t going to play a snap in the game or call a play, but after spending the last two days watching strategies form and […]

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All Access Pass with Arkansas State Football: Day 2

Dec 04, 2014 1 Comment

  It’s the day before game day.  According to Coach Anderson it’s actually the one day he lets the staff sleep in a little bit, which meant we got to go to a late breakfast.  In this case, late meant around 7:45AM.  He had actually gone to the stadium to conduct the fun run for […]

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