Mack Brown’s First 1-On-1, In-Depth Interview Since Leaving the Sidelines

Oct 20, 2014 2 Comments

 There are few coaches that can stand the test of time in college football.  The game is constantly changing in how it’s played, how it’s coached, and how it’s regulated.  A certain few names are known throughout all corners of the game, and with those names come a high level of respect from competitors and […]

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The Saturday Seven

Oct 04, 2014 3 Comments

Every football coach will tell their players that they need to play all four quarters to win the game.  So far, the first quarter of the college football season is over.  Teams sitting in a good spot regarding the football playoff better not get too comfortable because it will take winning games in all four […]

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The College Football Playoff is Here…And It’s a Good Thing

Sep 23, 2014 7 Comments

The college football season is in full swing now.  There have been big upsets, big letdowns and everything in between.  The preseason Top 25 looks silly now that we have seen real games play out on the field.  Teams like Texas A&M have out-played their expectations while teams like South Carolina, USC and Virginia Tech […]

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The College Football Season Is About To Get Started…in Russia?

Aug 28, 2014 3 Comments

This week marks the beginning of the college football season as teams kickoff Thursday night on ESPN.  Fans have been waiting all summer for this moment when they can plan their tailgates and go cheer on their favorite teams.  It may have seemed like a long wait to get to this point.  But for some, […]

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2014 NFL Draft Series Part 3: The Fans

May 08, 2014 No Comments

Lights.  Camera.  Action!  “And with the first pick of the 2014 NFL Draft…”  The time for predicting who goes where is over.  The Green Room will be packed full of nervous prospects and their families.  All of them will be waiting anxiously to see the NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, walk up to the podium on […]

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There Are Two Sides To Every Story

May 06, 2014 69 Comments

Everybody at one point or another in their life has heard the phrase, “There are two sides to every story.”  It’s what drives us to be fair to every situation presented to us.  Seeking to hear and process each side is what allows people to have a balanced and informed approach to how they respond […]

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2014 NFL Draft Series Part 1: Interview w/ an NFL Director of College Scouting

Apr 25, 2014 5 Comments

It’s that time of year again. The familiar faces of “draft experts” are showing up on ESPN and opining about prospective NFL players with comments like “he’s got a high motor” or “his intangibles are off the charts” which are in turn repeated ad nauseum on Sportscenter and sports-talk radio shows.  We’re talking combines and pro […]

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