Miami Marlins: Cuban Black Bean Dip Recipe

Sep 11, 2013 7 Comments

There’s nothing quite like a good dip.  I mean a dip and that doesn’t ask, but demands that you “double dip.” A dip that people hover around to eat while watching the game and drinking a cold beer.  The following recipe is one of those dips. Representing the Miami Marlins as part of our MLB […]

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Miami Dolphins: Cuban Sandwich Recipe

Aug 30, 2011 15 Comments

Sometimes in life the simplest things can be the most satisfying.  Case in point a Cuban sandwich.  Two different pork meats, pickles, and cheese, all surrounded by toasted buttery breaded goodness.  Honestly its one of those sandwiches that if you have all the ingredients on hand, there really isn’t a good reason not to make it. […]

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