Chicago White Sox: Soul Filled White Chicago Style Pizza

Oct 02, 2013 7 Comments

Holy Deliciousness Batman!  That is exactly what was going through our minds while creating this recipe to represent the Chicago White Sox as part of our MLB Recipe Series. A combination of honoring Chicago’s deep dish pizza, soul food tradition, and the White Sox our “White Chicago Style Pizza” is filled with smoked mozzarella, fresh […]

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Beet Mosaic Pizza w/ Truffle Sea Salt

Sep 05, 2012 14 Comments

FYI- The Glutton Household is once again traveling around America, continuing our semi-nomadic lifestyle, while feeding our insatiable appetites.  And this week welcomes back an all too familiar voice of reason… After two years of grad school and a summer break, I – Mr. Glutton’s better half – Liz, am back contributing to the […]

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Cured Salmon, Caramelized Leeks, Grilled Asparagus, & Goat’s Cheese Pizza

Mar 28, 2012 44 Comments

If you recall from last week, I posted a phenomenal recipe for citrus caramelized leeks served over grilled salmon topped off with an egg (click here for a refresher).  Well building off my new found addiction to caramelized leeks I experimented with using them as the base for a pizza topped with grilled asparagus (slightly […]

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Roasted Pepper w/ Bacon & Onion Pizza Recipe

Oct 05, 2011 13 Comments

Every now and then you come home from a busy day and there is little to nothing to cook with in the kitchen.  Awhile back Liz and I were confronted with one of these days and resorted to using the meager resources on hand to create one of the best pizzas we’ve ever made at […]

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Lobster & Roasted Corn Grilled Pizza Recipe

Sep 14, 2011 30 Comments

After successfully completing the NFL Recipe Series, Liz and I figured we would treat ourselves to a special dinner.  The timing could not have been better, as every Labor Day fresh Maine Lobsters are flown in special and sold at one of the local Salt Lake City fish markets.  Being the gluttons that we are […]

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Cleveland Browns: Pierogies Recipe

Aug 18, 2011 10 Comments

The Cleveland Browns and a recipe for homemade pierogies round out the AFC North as part of our NFL Recipe Series.  As pierogi novices we found the process of making these little devils to be quite time consuming and frankly somewhat exhausting (be prepared to spend a weekend afternoon making them).  However, the satisfaction one receives from […]

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Pittsburgh Steelers: Potato Topped Pizza Recipe

Aug 16, 2011 15 Comments

By Sportsglutton A few years back during a visit to Pittsburgh the Craftyglutton and I stumbled into a brew pub looking for a tasty beverage and a something edible to fill the stomach (I have low expectations for brew pub food).    While perusing the menu I came across a pizza that I had never seen […]

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