Mustard Marinated BBQ Pork Chops

Mar 10, 2011 No Comments

One of the great mustards in the world is Haendlmaier’s from Germany.  This sweet mustard is a perfect pairing with Munich’s famous Weissswurst or Leberkase (two favorites in the glutton household).  Unfortunately the mustard typically isn’t found in your neighborhood grocer and must be purchased at a local German/European speciality store or online. Returning to reason for this post, […]

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Open Faced Tuna Sandwich

Feb 16, 2011 4 Comments

Canned tuna has to be one of the most boring proteins one can prepare food with.  Most recipes with canned tuna direct us to make tuna casserole, tuna salads, or the infamous tuna sandwich.  I mean really, how often do you get excited enough about canned tuna to pull it off the shelf and cook […]

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Super Bowl Party Recipes

Feb 04, 2011 1 Comment

  Hope everyone has enjoyed the recipes this week and have found at least one or two they plan on using for their Super Bowl festivities.  For those who missed a recipe or those looking for a reference here is a complete recipe list and their links. Cheers! Chicken Wings (seriously some of the best […]

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Homemade BBQ Mac & Cheese

Feb 04, 2011 2 Comments

Super Bowl Week Festivities Part IV    Braving the frigid weather conditions outside (8 degrees, minus 3 with the windchill), I fired up the grill and put together a true glutton version of BBQ Mac & Cheese for your Super Bowl festivities.  The following recipe includes everything you could ever want from this American Classic; bacon, […]

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Hummus Dip Recipe

Feb 01, 2011 1 Comment

Super Bowl Week Festivities Part I All week-long we will be providing you some unique food and adult beverage recipes to enjoy during Super Bowl XLV.  Additionally, don’t forget about two previous unique recipe posts that are ideal for your Super Bowl party; Chicken Wings and Brisket Dip The first recipe for this week is homemade […]

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BBQ Acorn Squash

Jan 28, 2011 2 Comments

I used to dislike acorn squash and still wouldn’t make it one of my first selections from the produce department.  There’s nothing particularly enticing about acorn squash, especially for a man.  I mean really what is one to do with a miniature greenish pumpkin? Out of desperation to create something out of nothing I thought up this recipe for BBQing acorn […]

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Bacon Waffles w/ Sherry Syrup

Jan 18, 2011 3 Comments

Now incorporating bacon into waffles is nothing new, especially for people who love bacon.  But a few years back I want to take bacon waffles (and any regular waffle for that matter) to the next level. Using one of my favorite Sherries, Alvear Solera 1927 Pedro Ximenez*, I concocted a phenomenal adult syrup topping that is the […]

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