Monday Morning Humor

May 09, 2011 Comments Off on Monday Morning Humor

By Sportsglutton I’m back in NYC for a short family vacation and after three days of uninhibited gluttonness activity, I have to admit that my body is making this one of the slower Mondays in recent memory.   Perhaps massive quantities of Dunkin Donuts, bagels, pizza, high-end Japanese cuisine, bbq, and memorable quantities of adult libations over […]

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Stuffing Bread

Nov 26, 2010 Comments Off on Stuffing Bread

Sportsglutton and I happen to like a little stuffing on our turkey sandwiches, unfortunately all of the stuffing was consumed on Thanksgiving day. Is there a solution to this potential world-ending disaster?  Sure is! Stuffing bread.  An entire loaf of bread that is reminiscent of Thanksgiving stuffing. Making bread from scratch can seem intimidating, many recipes are […]

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