Thirsty Thursday: Port City Brewing Company Porter

Oct 18, 2012 18 Comments

Being back in the nation’s capital means that Thirsty Thursday will be turning its attention to some of the local specialties and brews in DC area.  However, having been absent from the “scene” for 4 ½ years I felt it necessary to cued the area’s resident beer guru Mr. Beerbecue on which first local sud […]

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Revisiting The Sandlot: As it Stands Today

Aug 10, 2012 20 Comments

Inspired by Thalia Bardell’s an article for, 18 months ago I compose a simplistic piece about the filming locations for the movie “The Sandlot.”  Unbeknownst to me, this article would grow to not only be the most popular on, but also become a primary source on the inter-wide web for information on and […]

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Thirsty Thursday: MacTarnahan’s Winter Hum Bug’r Ale

Dec 15, 2011 10 Comments

It’s that time of year again, when commercialism is at its best/worst and all the seasonally promoted beers are showing up on the shelves.  One of the first I came across this year was MacTarnahan’s Winter Hum Bug’r Ale.  Not actually an ale, but rather a porter (was Hum Bug’r Porter copyrighted?), the beer is […]

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The Sandlot: As it stands today

Mar 30, 2011 81 Comments

*Because of this post’s popularity, we have published a new article that revisits The Sandlot filming locations and includes new/additional images.  Click here to read: Revisiting the Sandlot: As it Stands Today. Signifying the start of spring, Baseball’s Opening Day marks one of the more perfect times of the year.  It’s a time when temperatures […]

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