Thirsty Thursday: Ommegang Farmhouse Saison

Jul 02, 2015 No Comments

The heat of summer means our palates desire something crisper and more refreshing from a beer. It’s the reason that even the cheapest simplistic suds are appealing. Nonetheless there is a need for beers that provide a deeper experience, something more complex and engaging while retaining a refreshing element. Summer Saisons often fit this bill […]

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Thirsty Thursday: Schlafly’s Helles- Style Summer Lager

Jun 25, 2015 No Comments

For those of us who have visited and/or resided in Munich (or Muenchen) the beer of choice, especially during the summer months, is a Helles Lager. Born out of the necessity from supply shortages during two World Wars, the Helles style of lager beers is essentially half the recipe of Maerzen. It’s a beer style […]

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Thirsty Thursday: Firestone Easy Jack IPA

Jun 18, 2015 No Comments

The heat of summer means we at the Glutton Institute for the Consumption of Libations are constantly in search of beers which quench our thirst while satisfying our palates. For this reason alone we’re constantly drawn to session style IPAs which tone back the assertiveness of “hoppy happiness” for a more balanced approach (ie you […]

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Thirsty Thursday: Grand Teton Brewing Sour Grand Saison Farmhouse Ale

Jun 04, 2015 No Comments

After nearly four years of sampling Grand Teton beers, the one thing I’ve come to appreciate is the palate pleasing consistency of this Idaho/Wyoming brewery. In particular their Cellar Reserve Series has never failed to impress, delivering beers that are worthy of immediate consumption as well as those which should be cellared for aging like […]

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2014 Elizabeth Spencer Sauvignon Blanc

May 28, 2015 1 Comment

We conclude our month long homage to summer white wines with an organic domestic Sauvignon Blanc from Elizabeth Spencer. A smaller producer in the middle of Napa Valley, Elizabeth Spencer has separated itself from the masses by focusing on creating wines of elegance instead of robustness. A long standing supporter of biodynamic and organic wines, […]

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2012 Hillinger Pinot Gris Grauburgunder

May 21, 2015 1 Comment

Continuing our homage to summer wines, Thirsty Thursday returns to Austria for a refreshing number produced by one of country’s most interesting winemakers: Leo Hillinger. A modern day style driven, fashion conscious, toned down body building version of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Leo leaves quite the impression in person.  His engaging persona finds its way into the […]

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Thirsty Thursday: 2012 Isaac Fernandez Seleccion Godello Ribeira Sacra Adras

May 14, 2015 No Comments

Compelling summer wines can come from a variety of places and the Iberian Peninsula can secretly offer up some surprisingly palate pleasing whites that are ideal for the warmer months. Often we’re drawn to the Portuguese whites, which rarely disappoint with their unique varietal and flavor compositions.   So when I recently stumbled upon a wine […]

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