Beet, Citrus, & Israeli Couscous Salad

Mar 06, 2013 21 Comments

Today’s gluttony comes in the form of a salad that combines the sweetness of roasted beets, the bright flavor/acidity of mandarin oranges, and the wholesome goodness of Israeli couscous.  But it’s the incorporation of tangy caramelized red onions that adds a deeper level of satisfaction to the salad.  Yes…tangy caramelized onions. The tanginess comes from […]

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Friday Football Fix: Week 9

Nov 02, 2012 10 Comments

NFL Week 9 Featured Game Storylines: After a fast start, the Vikings have begun to stumble over the past three weeks and are coming off an embarrassing loss at home to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Meanwhile the Seahawks could be classified as more lucky than good this season, with multiple close wins, a bogus victory […]

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Grilled Rump Roast Stuffed with Spinach & Shiitake Mushrooms

Apr 04, 2012 34 Comments

“Die echte deutsche Kueche”, one of my favorite German cookbooks, has a few recipes of roasts stuffed with wondrous heavy carb based concoctions that look all too satisfying to this glutton.  However, heavy meat/carb based dishes aren’t always appreciated by my better half, something I’m sure most married men can relate to. So in the […]

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Chicago Bears: Italian Beef Sandwich Recipe

Jul 18, 2011 8 Comments

By Sportsglutton The Chicago Bears start off this week’s continuation of our NFL recipe series and recipes from the NFC North division.  Aside from deep dish pizza and hot dogs, one of the great specialties in Chicago is Italian beef sandwiches.  These sandwiches can be some of the tastiest, spiciest, messiest things you’ll ever have and they’re […]

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Grilled Pork Roast Recipe

May 11, 2011 2 Comments

We’re getting close to the end of our mammoth stock of CSA organic beef and pork products in the freezer and most of what remains are ribs, rumps, and roasts (not that I’m complaining).  Attempting to finish off what was left so that we could justify another order, I pulled out a hefty pork roast, fired […]

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