Blue Crab & Roasted Corn Pizza

Aug 19, 2015 Comments Off on Blue Crab & Roasted Corn Pizza

Our month long tribute to Blue Crabs continues this week with a tasty pie off the grill: Blue Crab & Roasted Corn Pizza. The pizza dough is cooked on grill, pureed roasted corn takes the place of tomato sauce, and lump blue crab meat, scallions, serrano peppers, and Old Bay make the final toppings. It’s […]

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Roasted Peruvian Chicken

Apr 09, 2014 13 Comments

Peruvian chicken joints are nearly a dime a dozen here in the Washington DC metro area.  Both restaurants and dives primarily serve up rotisserie chicken marinated with a unique blend of citrus and aromatic spices that are available whole, ½, or ¼ and typically served with sides like rice, beans, French fries, coleslaw, yuca, plantains, […]

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Peanut Butter and Nutella Chocolate Chip Crispy Treats

Mar 05, 2014 9 Comments

The Glutton household’s sweet tooth has been on over drive lately, which means the kitchen has been busy whipping up more desserts than one should probably be consuming (so much for that New Year’s resolution). Our latest creation is the fusion of the classic combination of peanut butter and chocolate in rice crispy treat form. […]

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Super Bowl Pizza Ideas

Jan 29, 2014 9 Comments

Super Bowl Sunday is nearly upon us, which means it’s time to loosen the belts, forget about counting calories, and embrace all forms of gluttony while enjoying the big game.  Chips, dips, apps, salads, and any sort of grilled meats are bound to find a place in most people’s Super Bowl buffets. Still there are […]

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Mango and Roasted Jalapeno Risotto

Jan 15, 2014 1 Comment

I have a confession to make…mangos just aren’t my thing.  In their raw form there’s nothing terribly appealing about this tropical fruit for me.  But mix it into other forms like salsas and I’m 100% game. So when my better half announced she was going to experiment and make a Mango and Roasted Jalapeno Risotto […]

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Milwaukee Brewers: Fire Roasted Cheese Curds

Jul 09, 2013 12 Comments

Today is a special post for the MLB Recipe Series as we finish up the NL Central in preparation for the beginning of the AL East tomorrow with another outstanding guest recipe. This latest installment of food gluttony and representing the Milwaukee Brewers is nothing more than roasted solid parts of soured milk or as […]

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Roasted Celery Root Mash

Jan 30, 2013 19 Comments

Given that it’s Super Bowl week I probably should be stuffing your faces with tempting gluttonous foods for Sunday’s main event. However, my big appetizer experiment is still in the R&D stage meaning that this Wednesday I’m serving up another kind of awesomeness…roasted celery root mash. Now there is nothing new about a celery root […]

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