Glutton California Burrito

Dec 10, 2014 1 Comment

One of the staples of the San Diego food scene are 24 hour Mexican food joints that cater to the breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night crowds.  Preferences of which establishment or local chain reigns supreme vary, but one of the most agreeable iconic menu items in most joints is the California burrito. A magical […]

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A Backstage Pass To The NFL

Sep 17, 2013 24 Comments

The NFL season is underway and Week 2 is in the books.  Player stories are emerging now as traditional stars are lighting up the stat sheets and the “new” or “surprise” players are gaining recognition.  Every year there are players in the spotlight that I never heard of when they played in college.  At the same […]

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San Diego Padres: Farmhouse Style Belgium Beer Mussels

Apr 10, 2013 17 Comments

San Diego, or as Ron Burgundy would say San Diago, is known for having fresh seafood, a few renowned breweries, and of course a baseball team that goes by the name of the Padres.  So when it came to create a recipe for San Diego as part of the MLB Recipe Series we were naturally […]

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Friday Football Fix

Oct 05, 2012 4 Comments

NFL Week 5 Featured Game Storylines: We’ve only played four weeks of the NFL season and already it’s been a season to forget for the New Orleans Saints.  The offseason turmoil has clearly had an effect; Sean Payton’s absence has made him look more valuable than the contract the team gave to Drew Brees and […]

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The Baseball Buzz: Quick Hits Around MLB

Aug 17, 2012 2 Comments

Melky Had Us All Fooled About three weeks ago, a rumor surfaced that San Francisco Giants All-Star leftfielder Melky Cabrera, had tested positive for performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). I remember thinking to myself – there is no way he could be that foolish. Wasn’t the fallout from a decade worth of rampant drug use among […]

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2011 NFL Preview: AFC West

Sep 10, 2011 Comments Off on 2011 NFL Preview: AFC West

Denver Broncos (2010 record: 4-12) It seems like just yesterday that the Broncos were one of the powerhouses in the AFC. How the mighty have fallen. The Broncos have failed to make the playoffs since back in 2005, and are hoping that former Panthers head coach John Fox can resurrect the franchise. For that to […]

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San Diego Chargers: Swordfish Tacos Recipe

Aug 23, 2011 15 Comments

If one was to name two things the San Diego area is known for food wise I would argue it is fish tacos and the California burrito.  Now I used to live off the California burritos from the establishment formerly known as Santanas, but frankly when thinking of recipes for the San Diego Chargers, I was […]

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