Monday Morning Humor

Sep 21, 2015 2 Comments

A perfect retort to the out of control fixation on everything pumpkin for fall…

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Spicy Tuna Tartare Tacos

Feb 27, 2013 31 Comments

There are some who would say that one hasn’t lived until they’ve enjoyed a well prepared tartare.  From the land or sea the right mix of ingredients can make any tartare the most satisfying of appetizers. Still there are those of us who crave more from tartare than something “we eat before we eat” (guess […]

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Friday Football Fix

Oct 05, 2012 4 Comments

NFL Week 5 Featured Game Storylines: We’ve only played four weeks of the NFL season and already it’s been a season to forget for the New Orleans Saints.  The offseason turmoil has clearly had an effect; Sean Payton’s absence has made him look more valuable than the contract the team gave to Drew Brees and […]

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Smoked Ham, Pinto Beans, and Roasted Tomato Soup or Tacos

Apr 14, 2012 19 Comments

A few weeks ago I was meandering around the inter-wide web looking for a soupish leftover ham recipe that used a slow cooker and remembered Jessica from Kitchen Belleicious had posted a recipe for Roasted Tomato Seven Bean Soup.  The concept of her recipe inspired me to develop the following that is absolutely ideal for […]

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San Diego Chargers: Swordfish Tacos Recipe

Aug 23, 2011 15 Comments

If one was to name two things the San Diego area is known for food wise I would argue it is fish tacos and the California burrito.  Now I used to live off the California burritos from the establishment formerly known as Santanas, but frankly when thinking of recipes for the San Diego Chargers, I was […]

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Dallas Cowboys: Brisket Tacos Recipe

Jul 14, 2011 5 Comments

By Sportsglutton Wrapping up the NFC East in our NFL recipe series are the Dallas Cowboys and a recipe for Brisket Tacos.  Referencing the eternal question of which came first, the chicken or the egg, I’ll ask this…what comes first the brisket or the brisket taco?  Since I’m using leftover brisket from a future recipe […]

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